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Monster Boss centipede.png
500-1000 hp with no orbs collected (It's health is increased exponentially depending on how many Orbs of True Knowledge collected by the Player.)
Attack Type
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Portal to The Work (End)
Spawn Location(s)
The Laboratory

Three-Eye (in-game name Kolmisilmä) is a large spider-like creature found in The Laboratory, and serves as the final boss of the game.

Behavior & Combat[edit | edit source]

Upon entering Three-Eye's arena, it is first seen with its legs curled up near Our Matter. If Our Matter is approached, Three-Eye extends all of its legs, and becomes hostile once Our Matter is picked up by the Player. Three-Eye attacks with various projectiles that fire off more projectiles in a cross pattern, fly in a downwards arc and cause an upwards jet of flame, fly shortly and summon a ball of lava in its place, and wobble outwards in a pattern similar to the Slithering Path projectile modifier. It will also occasionally summon a large Circle of Stillness around itself to freeze the player if they get too close. Three-Eye also uses its legs in a similar fashion to Lukki's, using them to crawl around the arena and attempt to avoid the Player's spells. During combat, it also sometimes summons Kolmisilmän apuri to provide the Player with another adversary to pay mind to during the fight.

When the Player defeats Three-Eye, its limbs and body will split apart and fall down, and a glowing red portal to The Work (End) will spawn.