Kolmisilmän koipi

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"Kolmisilmän Koipi"
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Attack Type
Projectile, Melee, Summoning
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
A random wand, A 25 max health upgrade
Spawn Location(s)
Used to spawn via filling the giant desert skull with water, now rests in the pyramid biome.

The Limbs (in-game name Kolmisilmän Koipi) is a mini-boss which spawns in the pyramid biome. It rests on an altar that will trigger its aggro if the player gets close enough to it.

They can spawn smaller skull (usually in pairs of two) enemies periodically that shoot toxic sludge projectiles. Cannot be normally be damaged (except by fire) when it doesn’t open its weak point.

Upon death, similar to Dragon, it usually drops a Max health upgrade of 25 max hp and a wand.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

The Limbs is immune to most of the damage unless it reveals its inner reddish tissue, which is its weakness, for casting projectiles. Damages including melee, explosion and projectiles are stopped in this way, but fire is an exception. It is unknown that if other effects, such as Poison and Toxic Sludge, deal damage to it.

Once summoned, The Limbs tries to wander up and to the west. It often runs away from fights for ascending too high.

The Limbs has 4 types of attacks:

  1. Summons multiple (usually 1-3) allies, and each of them has about 10-20 hp and can shoot projectiles toward you. They can be damaged by projectiles from The Limbs.
  2. Reveals its red inner tissue, and either casts 3 bursts of projectiles in a circle pattern, or 2 large projectiles with a slight homing effect towards the player. It takes any kinds of damage in this case if you shoot directly at its red tissue. It will likely move towards the east and give up chasing after the player when shooting projectiles.
  3. Uses one limb to poke at the player and deals melee damage, if they are close enough.
  4. Sprints towards the player, destroys materials on its way.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Although explosions deal no damage to The Limb at most of the time, but the fire caused by explosion can damage it greatly. Predicting its landing position after summoning, and dropping a bomb there allow a player to kill it quickly. However, the fire of a single bomb may not be enough to kill it, so some extra attacks are required.

Keeping moving to the east and shooting at it while it is casting projectiles allow you to deal damage to it and avoid its projectiles.

The Limbs can wander away from the battle quickly, so it may be a good idea to escape from the one above ground and then dig down to kill the other one stuck underground in tunnels.