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This page contains information that may spoil parts of the game for newer players. Tread carefully.

Kolmisilmän Koipi
//optional, default is 250x250px
"Three-Eye's Legs"
Health 750 ♥
Attack Type Projectile, Melee (13), Summoning
Attack Damage 13 (Melee)
Bleeds Green Slime
Corpse Material Green Slimy Meat
Spawn Location Pyramid
Damage Multipliers
Melee 0.8x
Drill 0.0x
Projectile 0.8x
Slice 1.0x
Fire 1.2x
Freeze 0.0x
Electricity 0.9x
Explosion 0.3x

//optional, default is 250x250px
"Guardian Slime"
Health 142.5 ♥
Attack Type Projectile
Corpse Material Slime
Spawn Location Spawned by Kolmisilmän Koipi

Three-Eye's Legs (in-game name Kolmisilmän Koipi) is a mini-boss which spawns in the Pyramid biome. It rests on an altar, and will only awaken once the player gets close enough to it. The glyphs adorning the altar translate to YOUR REWARD.

It will periodically spawn smaller skull enemies (usually in pairs) that shoot toxic sludge projectiles. It cannot be normally damaged, except by fire, until it opens its outer shell to use its ranged attacks.

Upon death, similar to Dragon, it usually drops a Extra Max Health and a wand. Defeating it also unlocks the Add Timer and Add Trigger spells, one of which may also be dropped when it is defeated.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Three-Eye's Legs is immune to most damage until it reveals its weaker inner reddish tissue for casting projectiles. It cannot be stained normally, so is immune to effects like toxic sludge, and the only way to damage it while it keeps its outer shell closed is to set it on fire. Gunpowder potions, fire potions, and lava potions are all reasonably effective in setting it on fire, though pose some risk of the player catching themselves on fire as well.

Once awoken, Three-Eye's Legs will chase the player around the Pyramid, sometimes destroying sections of the brickwork in the cramped corridors. In the more open areas of the Pyramid, it tends to prefer the upper western corners of the rooms. If the Pyramid's ceiling is destroyed, it tends to wander gradually upwards and to the west until it escapes the fight entirely.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Three-Eye's Legs has 4 types of attacks:

  1. Summon multiple (usually 1-3) allies, which will chase the player and fire quick slime-based projectiles. They can be damaged by projectiles from the Three-Eye's Legs if they happen to get into its path.
  2. Reveals its red inner tissue and prepares one of two ranged attacks:
    1. 3 bursts of projectiles in a circle, not unlike Kolmisilmä
    2. 2 large projectiles with a slight homing effect towards the player.
  3. Pokes at the player if they're nearby with one of its legs, dealing melee damage.

If the path to the player is obstructed, it may also quickly move towards the player, destroying materials in its path, sometimes with a meandering path.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Although explosions deal no damage to the Three-Eye's Legs most of the time, but fires caused by explosions can ignite it and will quickly eat away at its HP.
    • A Potion of Gunpowder or Fire is a fantastic tool for this, and can be sprayed from above, well out of range of its melee attack.
    • Catching it on fire once will typically wear away roughly 1/2 of its entire HP pool before the fire is extinguished on its own; catching it alight twice is usually sufficient to dispatch it, though this does require dealing with a few waves of the minion enemies in most cases.
  • The main boss room has a fair bit of open space, lacking platforms in the middle. Mobility perks are very helpful to avoid its attacks, but not entirely necessary; most or all platforms around the edge of the arena can be reached without requiring more than the player's standard levitation height.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

The miniboss resting on its altar, the runes translate to "YOUR REWARD"