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"Hiisi Grenadier"
Health 25
50 (Underground Jungle)
Attack Type Firebolt-like Projectile
Bleeds Blood
Spawn Location Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base, Underground Jungle, The Vault, Sandcave, Desert Chasm

  • 10 Gold
    20 Gold (Underground Jungle)

The Hiisi Grenadier (in-game name Kranuhiisi)

This enemy will fly around and shoot what appears to be a grenade launcher, firing firebolt-like projectiles. These projectiles are affected by gravity, and do not travel far, so stay on the same plane vertically and attack from long range. They behave like other Hiisi, as in they don't attack other Hiisi and may attack other creatures. They can often be found with others of their kind and Rynkkyhiisi. Occasionally, they and Rynkkyhiisi will be found as part of a large group with a Toimari.