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Attack Type
melee (17?) or wand attack
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
Usually the Mines or Coal Pits, but can also rarely show up in the Snowy Depths
Often carries a wand

The flying Ghost (in-game name Kummitus) is a fairly rare spawn that looks quite similar to the player, usually appearing either in the Mines, Coal Pits, or Snowy Depths. A maximum of only one Kummitus will ever appear in a world.

It most often spawns with a wand, which it drops on death. If not armed with a wand, it'll attempt to kick the player. If wielding a wand, it will usually have a much higher tier that what is currently available at that point in the game which most often makes killing the ghost and obtaining its wand a high-risk high-reward scenario.

It also seems to have a small amount of defense, reducing damage by a few points

Trivia[edit | edit source]

It is believed that the Kummitus is actually the ghost of the player that died in a previous run and that it carries the wand the player was using at that point. While there may be some merit to this as Kummitus does not seem to appear until you have quite a few deaths recorded, the wands they carry usually have some very random assortment of spells on them. It may be that it is the original picked-up version of the wand it uses, and not any re-configuration of it that was active upon player death.