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"Shuffling Fungus"
Health 65
130 (Underground Jungle) ♥
Attack Type Melee (explodes on death and to attack)
Bleeds Fungal Fluid
Spawn Location Fungal Areas (Subregion)
Fungal Caverns
Underground Jungle
Damage Multipliers
Drill 0.7
Fire 40.0

Explodes on death


  • 20 Gold nugget.png
    50 Gold nugget.png (Underground Jungle)

The Shuffling Fungus (in-game name Laahustussieni) found primarily in Fungal Caverns.

Will generally ignore the player, but if they get too close, the Fungus will jump at them and violently explode, dealing a good chunk of damage. Killing them has the same result, so engaging at a distance is recommended.

May occasionally appear in the Mines, specifically in small fungus rooms (these are present in some instances, sometimes not).