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Laser Tank
too dangerous to find out
Attack Type
Laser blasts
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Estimated 5-6 gold nuggets
Spawn Location(s)
Hiisi Base, Underground Jungle (possibly), The Vault (possibly)
Explodes on death with the size of a bomb

The Laser Tank (ingame name Laser-Tankki) is a robotic enemy. Like other 'Tank' enemies it explodes when defeated with the blast radius of a Bomb. The Laser-Tankki fires Magic Bolts out of its laser blaster, mounted at the front and consisting of a rod with several circles around it, stereotypical of some sci-fi weapons. Its projectiles deal high damage and incredible knockback, often knocking the player into a wall. When fighting this enemy, its projectiles are not the most accurate, but are shot fairly fast. You cannot engage in an extended gunfight with this; its firepower is just too great, the perfect match of attack speed and damage. It is best to use powerful explosives, such as the bomb, to get rid of this quickly. Like other Tanks, this enemy moves slowly and cannot jump. It also has a green light on it which renders its movement visible even in undiscovered areas, and can be distinguished by its green armour and laser blaster. This enemy, like other tanks, ignores Hiisi, and may attack other enemies such as Rottas.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This enemy seems to be the rarest tank, being much less seen than the KK-Tankki, or the slightly less common IT-Tankki.