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Laser Tank
Attack Type
Laser blasts, similar to Magic Bolt
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
Hiisi Base
Explodes on death

The Laser Tank (ingame name Laser-Tankki) is a robotic enemy. The Laser-Tankki fires projectiles highly resembling the Magic Bolt spell out of its laser blaster, mounted at the front and consisting of a rod with several circles around it, stereotypical of some "retro" sci-fi weapons. Its projectiles deal high damage and knockback but aren't very accurate.

This is a metallic or "robotic" enemy, and so has high resistance to projectile and slice spells while being vulnerable to electricity and explosions. Like the other tanks, it cannot jump, and explodes when it dies normally.

This enemy, like other tanks, ignores Hiisi, and may attack other enemies such as Rottas.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This enemy seems to be the rarest tank, being much less seen than the KK-Tankki, or the slightly less common IT-Tankki.