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Toxic Slime
Attack Type
A version of the slimeball spell but with toxic sludge trailing behind each projectile.
Blood Fluid
Toxic Sludge
Drops On Death
1 Gold Nugget (10 gold)
Spawn Location(s)
Most underground areas

yThe Toxic Slime (in-game name Limanuljaska) is a green flying creature with toxic bangs who roams many levels of the underground.

Behavior and Biology[edit | edit source]

The Limanuljaska shoots accurate, slow flying slime balls from a screen-like range, similar to the Slimeball spell. Unlike the player-spell counterpart, these balls also have a toxic slime trail which can form puddles over deposition from various shots. The creature will chase after the player when spotted, making them perfect victims for ambushes if one has enough time to duck around a corner. Be careful though: as the name implies, Limanuljaskas have a toxic bodily fluid, and a lot of it. Being bloated, flying balls of goo, once hit they may spring leaks which can rapidly soak the ground, making on-foot combat dangerous. While the sludge is not hard to avoid in single combat, it will surely be a considerable nuisance when beset by any other mage-starved creatures. When death occurs, its body may emit even larger quantities of sludge, filling considerable portions of land. This can be neutralized by pouring water over the toxic sludge, quickly purifying it into normal water.

Äitinuljaska (Mother Slime) can be seen giving birth to greener and stronger Limanuljaskas, spawning yet more individuals upon death. The correlations between these and the usual Limanuljaskas (even if they are the same kind of creature) are still unknown to date.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • While they and their projectiles fly slowly and are easily dodged and avoided, the real danger is arguably the toxic sludge they leave everywhere.
    • Try not to dodge their projectiles so that they fly overhead, as the toxic sludge they drip can get on you.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite bleeding Toxic Sludge when hurt and killed, their corpses will emit slime when damaged by spells such as Chainsaw.