Long-Distance Cast

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Long-Distance Cast Spell long distance cast.png
Cast a spell some distance away from the caster
Type Utility
Mana drain 0
Speed 1800
Cast delay -0.08 s

A spell modifier which casts the next spell a short distance from the point of casting, ignoring terrain.

Long-Distance Cast is in fact a pseudo–projectile-with-trigger, and its trajectory can be affected by effects such as the Projectile Repulsion Shield perk. However, it appears that its speed is not affected by the Speed Up projectile modifier or similar, perhaps owing to its 'Utility' type. (requires more testing)

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Synergizes well with dangerous static projectiles, like Explosion and Touch of Water (as well as all their variants).
  • Since it ignores terrain, you can cast on the other side of walls.