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Attack Type
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
Underground Jungle

The Spider (in-game name Lukki) is an enemy native to the Underground Jungle. It travels around using its several long legs which it also uses to attack the player at melee range. It has no ranged attack.

Behaviour & Combat[edit | edit source]

Upon seeing the player the Lukki will follow them around and attack with its legs, if it takes too much damage it will attempt to flee. It will frequently group up with its fellow spiders, making them an easy target for area-of-effect attacks, and is vulnerable to explosions.

It is a rather tanky enemy and will take a sizeable amount of damage to kill, thus being able to kill a Lukki is a good sign that your current wands are up to par at this point in the game. If you can't take them down reliably, you're gonna have a bad time going forward. Wands with spells dealing a lot of damage in a single strike is generally more effective than rapid firing weaker spells.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Lukki is capable of slowly digging through all materials, including the Brickwork of the Holy Mountain, and is responsible for many instances of triggering the Angering The Gods event on your behalf.

Sometimes a Lukki will spawn inside of the terrain itself. It won't drown from this, but also it wont be able to dig itself out. A trapped Lukki is visible from its 3 glowing eyes in the ground.

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