Mätänevä ruumis

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"Mätänevä ruumis"
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Rotting Corpse
Attack Type
Frostburn fireballs
Blood Fluid
None, because it doesn't 'die' in effect
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
The Vault
When it dies turns into two other enemies

The Rotting Corpse (in-game name Mätänevä ruumis) is a unique enemy. It normally will fling projectiles at the player, but when it is killed, it splits in two. The body will move rather erratically while attacking with the same projectile, while the head will come off and fly around, attacking the player in melee. This enemy seldom if ever jumps (more information needed here) and moves fairly fast. When fighting it, explosives can be useful for when the head pops off, but be careful. This enemy has a deceptive amount of health and can be hard to hit with projectiles such as Energy orbs.

It is unknown as to whether this will attack other enemies, but it seems to ignore the Master of Blinding.