Magic Missile

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Magic missile Spell rocket.png
A fiery, explosive projectile
Type Projectile
Damage 75
Uses remaining 10
Mana drain 70
Explosion damage 419
Explosion radius 15
Cast delay +1.0 s

A Spell that creates a magical missile, firing in a straight line away from the caster, causes an explosion when it hits. It is similar in effect to a rocket launcher in other games.

The radius of the explosion is rather small but it still inflicts heavy damage.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The extra casting delay from using this spell is not as bad in practice as it may sound in theory. Since you only have 10 uses per spell it encourages you to aim more carefully and only use it when needed.
  • It's a useful spell for the first third or so of the game, and a nice fit for Shuffle wands as they do a good job even without modifiers. It's superior to bombs in that you can more precisely control where the explosion happens.

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