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Magical Temples are labyrinths of brickwork located near the Snowy Depths and the Temple of the Art. They are extremely dark, similar to the Dark Cave. However, staying still will slowly light up the immediate area.

Magical Temple (Snowy Depths)[edit | edit source]

Magical Temple

A temple to the west of the Snowy Depths. The deepest part of the temple contains a Orb Room.

Magical Temple (Temple of the Art)[edit | edit source]

A temple to the east of the Temple of the Art. Further east leads to the Wizard's Den.

It is guarded by a triangle-shaped structure that repels projectiles, though it can still be drilled through or around.

Upcoming Changes (Beta Content)[edit | edit source]

The content of this article or section is describing content from the Experimental Beta branch, and is currently not part of the public release version.

Throwing 3 of any Egg at it activates a boss fight, where the structure splits into 4 pieces, each emitting a curse damage field. It can be easily dispatched with physics damage (such as Black Holes), however those may not count as actual kills in the Progress menu.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Common[edit | edit source]

Rare[edit | edit source]

Very Rare[edit | edit source]

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Visibility in the temple is near 0% so be sure to be prepared with one of these options:
    • Drinking Worm Blood will allow you to see through the darkness for a limited time.
    • All Seeing Eye can remove the darkness in a large area so it is useful for exploring the Magical Temple.
    • Torch reveals a small area around the player, and this area does stay revealed.
  • Invisiblium Flask can be used to avoid early encounters or surprise attacks from unexplored areas.
  • Some passages will be blocked by Toxic Sludge mist, making it dangerous to move into unrevealed areas too quickly.
  • Two of the enemies in this area, Spiraalikalma (Spiral Phantom) and Kiukkukalma (Angry Phantom), are visible even through the darkness.
    • Stevari (Guardian) are not visible in the darkness but emit a constant noise which can be used to detect its presence.
  • Of all the enemies Taikasauva (Magic Wand) might be the most dangerous. Its attacks vary depending on the wand it spawns as and can quickly lead to death if it attacks from the darkness where it can't be seen.