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Definition[edit | edit source]

There are huge amounts of different materials in Noita, each with its own special properties and effects. They all fall into the following categories:

Name Properties
Solids Materials that consist of solid pixels that do not move. They can be removed or be transformed into other types by spells.
Rigid Body items Solids formed into a loose item that is subject to in-game physics, unlike terrain.
Powders Materials that flow downwards and are subjected to gravity. They will naturally form piles on the ground.
Liquids Substances that form flat pools and lakes inside suitable pits. They can be bottled in Flasks and often inflict various Status Effects
Magical Liquids Similar to normal liquids, but all have some sort of transmutive or magical effect. Most of them commonly spawn inside Flasks on pedestals.
Gaseous non-collision pixels that obey gravity inversly, flowing upwards instead of down and forming "lakes" in pits in cave ceilings.
Organic and others Anything else that doesn't quite fit into the other categories, such as background objects, meat or fire.

Solid[edit | edit source]

Solid Materials
Name Source Hardness Found as Rigid Body Appearance Other ID
Dirt Surface 3 Medium Can be displaced by kicking.
Ground Various 3 Medium Can be displaced by kicking. grass
Rock Various 4 Strong Fragile stalactites in the main cave entrance.

Spark Bolt damages them like with ice.

May be created by water and lava touching.

Will slowly melt into lava while in contact with lava.

Damp rock 4 Strong Only found naturally.
Glass Various, Flasks 0 Fragile Lanterns, flasks Depends on flask contents Fragile solids can be cracked merely with Spark Bolt. glass
Fragile glass Snowy Depths, the Vault 0 Fragile After being cracked like ice Transparent Rarely appears as the lining of a box structure (sometimes with a random amount of enemies, liquid and/or wand inside).
Nest Forest 0 Fragile Nests. A hay-like appearance. Only appears in the giant tree's nest (as we know of), doesn't appear anywhere else. Also the material of the corpses of firefly nests. nest_box2d
Wood Various 2 Light Wheelbarrows, waterwheels, explosive crates,

gunpowder crates

Flammable. wood
Wood (Giant Tree) Forest 5 Powerful Wood which the Giant Tree is made of. Unlike regular wood, isn't flammable, and is unaffected by acid. wood_tree
Steel Various 5 Powerful Brown-grey Conductive. Slowly melts when in contact with lava, and rusts with water. steel
Rusted steel Steel 2 Light Slightly dark orange Much more easily destroyed than steel. Only produced where water contacts steel directly, making steel objects only produce a thin coat of rusted steel. steel_rust
Aluminum Magical Temple 1 Very Light Temple braziers Flammable, burns blue. aluminium
Rusted metal Various 1 Very Light Minecarts, explosive containers Varies Unique material separate from steel and rusted steel. Conductive, and explosive containers will react violently.

Rusts when water touches it, though this seems to be only cosmetic.

Ice Snowy Depths, spells 0 Fragile Upon taking damage, cracks and eventually drops Translucent light blue Enemies turned into Ice do not deal damage to other enemies when moving fast.

(Does ice form from freezing vapour + water?)

Toxic ice Frozen Vault, spells 0 Fragile Upon taking damage, cracks and eventually drops Translucent light green Will do damage upon contact which is not prevented by the Toxic Sludge Immunity perk. Otherwise functions like ice.
Frozen acid Sources of cold 0? ? Deals damage on contact, though much less than acid (on par with toxic ice). Produced by freezing acid, using effects such as the Freeze Charge projectile modifier spell. Functions like (toxic) ice, cracking into rigid body objects upon being damaged.
Frozen blood Sources of cold 0? ? Produced by freezing blood, using effects such as that of the Freeze Charge spell. Functions like (toxic) ice, cracking into rigid body objects upon being damaged.
Frozen slime Sources of cold ? ? Produced by freezing slime, using effects such as that of the Freeze Charge spell. Functions like (toxic) ice, cracking into rigid body objects upon being damaged.
Dense rock Various 4 Strong Found as part of level boundaries. Unaffected by acid.
Extremely dense rock Various 6 Extreme Found as part of level boundaries. The strongest material available.

Black Hole, Matter Eater, and Luminous Drill will still destroy it.

Explosion of Thunder can turn it to powder, but not destroy it.

Brickwork Holy Mountain, Temple of the Art, various other 5 Powerful Statues in Pyramid Comprises Holy Mountains and various temple-themed biomes, including the Temple of The Art and The Laboratory. Acid, Black Hole and Matter Eater will destroy it, as well as giant worms. If too much brickwork surrounding the Holy Mountain room is destroyed, the gods are angered.
Sandstone Desert 3 Medium
Bone wall Desert 3 Medium Giant skull in the desert
Packed snow Snowy Depths 1 Very Light None. Blueish-white Can melt into water. Isn't a powder like snow.
Frozen rock Various 2 Light Weaker than most other rocks. Can be destroyed slowly by Spark Bolts.
Cursed rock Tower 6 Probably very tough Dark reddish gray with blackish spots Similarly to toxic rock, you take constant damage while touching it, but also while in the area where it spawns. As with all damage, this can be blocked with ambrosia. Matter Eater does not work on cursed rock.
Cheese Spoiler territory.
Wax Mines, Magical Temple, the Vault 1 Very Light White Candle or mushroom-like appearance.


Mines, Fungal Caverns 4? Strong Glowing green Deals contact damage which is not prevented by the Toxic Sludge Immunity perk. Often spawns forming small caves containing a treasure chest or wand inside.
Volcanic rock Various ? Created when blood mixes with lava.

Liquid[edit | edit source]

Liquid Materials
Name Emits From Evaporates Into Freezes Into Stain Effect Drink Effect Appearance Density Other ID
Water Condensation Steam Ice Wet Nothing. Blue 1 Often used to extinguish fire on the player. Turns lava into rock, and turns into ice when touched by freezing liquid.

Purifies pools of toxic sludge into more water.

Chilly water Chilled (slowed movement) 0.9 In cold biomes, the surface of water converts into chilly water.

chilly water turns into ice upon touching ice. Does not evaporate.

Brine Salt + Water 1.2 Made only from Salt + Water.

Does not evaporate on lava.

Oil Barrels, lanterns, robotic enemies Combustion Only N/A Oily Food Poisoning for 20s, Poisoned for 5s Light brown 0.4


Burns easily and for a long time. oil
Blood Humanoid enemies N/A Frozen blood Bloody With Vampirism, gives minor health. Red 1.1


Turns lava into volcanic rock. Used for the Vampirism perk. blood
Fungus Blood Fungi enemies N/A N/A Slimy Tripping Some for 50s Pink 0.7 Can be obtained if quick with a flask. Can be combined with Toxic Sludge and Sand to create Mysterious Fungus.
Toxic sludge Some monsters, toxic barrels Toxic gas Toxic ice Toxic Poisoned for 10s Light green 0.8 Creates toxic rock from touching lava.

Touching it as a liquid, gas, or even solid causes damage.

Turns into water when it touches water. This allows the player to purify a pool of toxic sludge by spraying some water from the starting water flask into it.

Acid Monster attacks Flammable gas Frozen acid N/A Poisoned for 30s Deep green 0.6 Evaporates on its own.

Easily destroys most other materials, including steel.

Deals damage on contact, more if you are further submerged. This can quite quickly kill the player, and it is recommended to carefully avoid any contact with acid.

Whiskey Kegs Combustion only N/A Alcoholic Drunk for 30s Deep brown 0.9 Burns very quickly. Causes creatures stained to become drunk, adding spread to their attacks.
Sima Flask N/A N/A N/A Mildly Boozed for 1s Deep Brown 0.9 Similar to Whisky but much much weaker. Mead
Lava Stendari, fireflies N/A Rock N/A Internal Fire Glowing orange 1.4 Deals a lot of damage on contact.

Touching water creates rock; blood creates volcanic rock; toxic sludge creates toxic rock.

Slowly melts through steel, diamond and copper, turning them into more lava.

Melts plastic into molten plastic.

Worm blood Worms N/A N/A N/A Wormy Vision 50s Yellow-Green, similar to vomit 0.5 Can be used to clear other stains. Drinking provides temporary vision into unseen areas. blood_worm
Slime Some monsters, (pink) fungus N/A Frozen slime Slimy Food Poisoning 20s Bright Pink or Bright Green 1.3 Heavy liquid, and quite sticky. Moves very slowly over itself.

When a pile is generated, it takes a long time to flow away.

Moss Sometimes found in fungal caverns. N/A N/A N/A Gassy 10s Light green 0.9 Can be found in fungal
Pea Soup Found in a flask N/A N/A Slimy Gassy 10s Light Green 1.3 Can be found in a flask
Poison Certain hiisi weapons, spells Poison gas Frozen Poison Poisoned Poisoned 12s Purple 0.7 Evaporates on its own unless under another liquid.

Touching lava makes poisonous rock.

Magical liquid Various ghostly enemies N/A N/A N/A Nothing Glowing light blue 0.7 Separate to magical fluids: bled by ghostly enemies. Quickly evaporates, but can be put in a flask to preserve it.
Urine Used to be from deer, removed currently, only accessible by modding the game. N/A N/A Wet Food Poisoning 10s Most likely yellow 0.7 Used to be produced by left click while transformed into a deer. urine
Swamp Sometimes found in fungal caverns Smoke N/A Wet Food Poisoning 5s Greeny-yellow 0.9 There are two different types: swamp_water and swamp (swamp appears to be a mixture of swamp_water and moss).

Turns lava into rock.

Freezing liquid Bled by certain enemies Freezing vapour N/A N/A Inflicts the player with Chilly 20s Light blue 0.7 Very damaging. Evaporates into freezing vapour quickly when exposed to air. Freezes water into ice. Turns lava into Dense Rock.

Destroyed by Worm Blood

Creepy liquid Unused (generated by breaking unused static sand "brick wall") ? ? N/A Nothing Light purple 0. It expands infinitely unless contained in a completely closed off area. It can be turned into water with purifying powder.

Can be taken over by creeping fungus, which is flammable.

Vomit The Player after recieving the "food poisoning" debuff N/A N/A N/A Food Poisoning 10s Orange with red dots 0.4 Disgusting, but otherwise harmless.
Void Liquid Created from bringing Essences to the Moon or Alchemy. N/A N/A N/A Nothing Black N/A Created from Toxic Sludge, Worm Blood, and fungus powder/solid.

Sinks through the ground destroying particles until it disappears.

Molten Copper Found in a flask N/A N/A N/A Internal Fire 10s Glowing pinkish-white N/A Immediately disappears upon contact with solid or liquid materials. Briefly leaves fire behind upon contact with solid materials.

Magical Liquid[edit | edit source]

While most liquids and powders can spawn in a Flask, Magical Liquids nearly always do aside from some who also appear in pools or are created with Alchemy.

Name Stain Effect Drink Effect Density Notes
Polymorphine Polymorphed Polymorphed 15s 1 Sheep usually die in 1 single hit and have low movement speed. Avoid combat while polymorphed (as much as possible). Enemies killed while polymorphed won't drop any gold.
Chaotic polymorphine Polymorphed Polymorphed 15s 1 Polymorphed creatures, including you, assume all the attributes of the new form, including HP and weaknesses.
Berserkium Berserk Berserk 15s 0.7 Only applies to the attacks of those affected by berserkium, doesn't affect secondary damage sources (e.g., explosive barrels).
Teleportatium Teleportation Begin teleporting chaotically. Usually lasts around 3-4 teleports 1.3 When stepping in it, you will teleport in roughly the same direction you are aiming unless blocked by too much terrain.
Pheromone Charmed Charmed 20s 0.7 Enemies will still attack the player in retaliation to taking damage from them. Has no known effect on the player.
Invisiblium Invisible Food Poisoning 20s 1.3 Having any other stain will disable the invisibility until they're removed. Firing a wand also cancels invisibility for a few seconds. Creatures with this effect appear near-transparent to the player.
Concentrated mana Mana Regeneration Mana regeneration 20s 1.3 Wears off quickly with movement.
Acceleratium Greased Lightning Greased Lightning 20s 1.3 Wears off quickly with movement.
Flummoxium Confused Confused 10s 1.3 Affected creature has a large pink question mark above their head.
Healthium Regeneration Regeneration 7s 1.3 Extremely rare. Not to be confused with lively concoction, a very similar liquid.
Lively concoction Regeneration Regeneration 7s 1.3 Created by alchemy. Quickly evaporates while in the environment.
Draught of Midas Alcoholic Food Poisoning 15s, Poisoned 10s 1 Created from alchemic precursor and meat. Can be stored in a flask by letting a waist deep pool rest on top of gold and then collecting it. Converts most materials into gold on contact.
Worm pheromone Worm Food Worm Food 40s 1.3 Naturally spawns in flasks as of December 19th update.
Ambrosia Protection from All Food Poisoning 20s 1.3 Wears off very quickly with movement.
Alchemic precursor Alcoholic Food Poisoning 10s, Poisoned 10s 0.9 Created by alchemy. A blue liquid that turns into draught of Midas when combined with a piece of meat.

Gaseous[edit | edit source]

Note: all gases (actually most materials) cause O2 reduction if the player is submerged nearly completely.

Gaseous Materials
Name Emits From Submerge Effect Appearance Other
Steam Evaporated water Light grey Condenses into water.
Smoke Fire Grey
Toxic gas Evaporated toxic sludge Damages Light green Similar in appearance to flammable gas (evaporated acid), but deals damage over time which ignores the Toxic Sludge Immunity perk. Not flammable.
Flammable gas Acid evaporation, Mushroom enemies,

wands with Acid-related spells

Deep green Burns quickly, similar to whiskey.

While not immediately damaging, sudden combustion becomes a possibility.

Freezing vapour Freezing liquid, explosive cannisters, jäätiö, lohkare Damages Pale blue, sparkles Freezing liquid may linger without fully evaporating, creating constant trails of freezing vapour.
Poison gas Evaporated poison Purple Flammable, but not actually poisonous.
Healium Evaporated healthium or lively concoction Heals Pale green
Slime Mist Evaporated slime? Pale green? Collected from killed mulkkio with flask. Properties unknown, believed to be unobtainable by normal play. Name appears to be incorrectly capitalised in game as 'slime Mist' (from flask name).

Powder[edit | edit source]

Powder Materials
Name Source Hardness Dissolve Powders Appearance Other ID
Soil Surface 2 Light Yes Dark brown Often has grass growing on top. As with any powder, it can be kicked around. soil
Mud Surface 2 Light Yes? Dark brown Created by mixing water with soil.
Coal Mines 2 Light No Black Flammable. Burns for a very long time.
Honey Produced by amppari nests 2 Light Yellow
Gunpowder (volatile) Coal Pits, Firecrackers spell 1 Very Light Yes Orange Sometimes called 'firecrackers' as per the spell. Upon combustion, creates small explosions that deal 6 damage. May linger without automatically destroying itself, creating constant small explosions.
Gunpowder Gunpowder Trail spell 1 Very Light Yes Orange Burns quickly but does not explode.
Gold Various 3 Medium No Gold, white Harder than bomb explosions, surviving them. Is always a powder, so it drips like sand. If touched by the player, becomes collected as money.

Can very rarely appear in a flask, spraying about $1000 worth before empty.

Copper Mines 3 Medium? No Brown-red, white Although spawning in the world similarly to gold and is similarly a powder, it cannot be collected as money. Conductive.
Brass Ejected by firearm-using enemies No Orange Does not block creature or projectile movement but blocks other materials, similar to fungus.
Diamond Multiple biomes, ukko 4 Strong No White/blue Despite being a naturally spawning powder like gold, it cannot be collected as money. Unaffected by the Dissolve Powders perk.
Snow Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base 0 Fragile Yes Pure White Snowmen in the Snowy Depths are made of this. Melts into water, which might quickly evaporate. Ingesting will chill the player, slowing them down and occasionally freezing them.
Sand Vats in the Mines, Desert Yes Light yellow, white
Blue sand Broken houre crystals. Light blue
Bone dust Skeletal enemies, Desert 1 Very Light Yes White Sometimes dropped from nests when destroyed.
Purifying powder Rare flask spawn. Alchemy. 1 Very Light No White Converts many liquids into water. Created from Diamond and Brass. Floats on lava.
Salt Rare flask spawn. 1 Very Light? Yes White Converts water into brine. No known other effects.
Sodium Rare flask spawn. 1 Very Light? No White Explodes in contact with many liquids.
Wax ? ? ? Yellowish white Consuming causes Gassy.

Organic and Other[edit | edit source]

Organic Materials and Other
Name Source Hardness Appearance Other ID
Meat Various enemies 2 Light Varies The Chainsaw spell destroys meat to create significantly more of the corpse's emissions. Can be eaten, but this has no effect, even with Vampirism perk. meat
Rotten meat Red-blooded enemies 1 Very Light ? Corpses collapse into this ugly pile. As with any powder, it can be kicked around, and may even spawn drops of blood. When ingested, will cause food poisoning and poison. Like meat, will produce lots of blood when sliced with the chainsaw which is safe to drink again.
Slimy Meat Slime-blooded Enemies
Green Slimy


Toxic-slime blooded enemies, Kolmisilmä Consuming grants Food Poisoning
Grass Various 0 Fragile Appears naturally and goes in the foreground layer (meaning that things can't collide with it). Consumption causes Gassy. grass
Moss Various 0 Fragile Appears naturally and goes in the foreground layer (meaning that things can't collide with it). When ingested, will cause the player to become flatulent and periodically fart flammable gas. moss
Fungus Fungal Caverns, Mines ? hot pink Slowly grows upwards. Blocks movement of liquids, but not solids - this can create highly effective 'potion baths'. Can be destroyed to create Slime.

If eaten, audio and visual effects occur, representing a psychoactive trip.

Fungus may also be found as a material in a flask called "glowing fungal spore", creating background elements on the surface and in the Mines.

If these scenic fungi are destroyed, it spawns fast-disappearing liquid fungus. Liquid fungus applies the slime stain.

Blue Fungus ? ? Cyan-Blue Consuming grants food poisoning and gassy.
Fire Various N/A Burns, melts, and/or evaporate some materials. Will combust most creatures and deal damage over time. Can be rarely found in a flask.

Sometimes lingers endlessly without self-destructing which can be put out with even Spark Bolt. Fire can be negated by spells and perks. Can be eaten and will induce the Internal Fire effect.

Sign fire Forest, Mines Entrance N/A Background flames that highlight the signs showing the game's controls at spawn. It doesn't hurt the player or burn anything at all.
Liquid fire A cocktail flask containing it is thrown by the Tulihiisi. N/A Behaves similarly to normal fire, but the flask it came in always explodes on impact when thrown.
Evergreen seed Rare flask spawn. N/A When sprayed on the ground will cause background trees to grow. If trees cannot grow, it just creates soil.

Seed: 1255527100 (chest at the start).

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