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Solid[edit | edit source]

Solid Materials
Name Biome Hardness Found as Rigid Body Appearance Other
Dirt Surface 3 Medium
Ground Various 3 Medium
Rock Various 4 Strong Fragile stalactites in the main cave entrance.

Spark Bolt damages them like Ice.

May be created by Water and Lava touching.

If surrounded by Lava, it will slowly melt.

Damp Rock 4 Strong Only found naturally.
Glass Various, Flasks 0 Fragile Lanterns, flasks Depends on flask contents Fragile solids can be cracked with even mere Spark Bolts.
Fragile glass Snowy Depths, Vault 0 Fragile After being cracked like Ice Transparent Rarely appears in one side of a giant box structure (sometimes with a random amount of enemies, liquid and/or wands inside)
Nest Forest 0 Fragile Nests. A hay-like appearance. Only appears in the giant tree's nest (as we know of), doesn't appear anywhere else. Also the material of the corpses of firefly nests.
Wood (1) Various 2 Light Wheelbarrows, waterwheels, explosive crates,

gunpowder crates

Wood (2) Forest 5 Powerful Wood found on the giant tree, it isn't flammable, unlike the other wood.
Steel Various 5 Powerful Brown-grey Conductive. Melts from Lava, and rusts from Water.
Rusted Steel Steel (Various) 2 Light Slightly dark orange Much more easily destroyed than the Steel it comes from. Only the surface of Steel is affected by Water, until the top rust is stripped.
Aluminum Magical Temple 1 Very Light Temple braziers Flammable, burns blue
Rusted Metal Various 1 Very Light Minecarts, explosive containers Varies Unique material separate from Steel and Rusted Steel. Conductive, and explosive containers will react violently.

Rusts when water touches it, though this seems to be only cosmetic.

Ice Snowy Depths, spells 0 Fragile Upon taking damage, cracks and eventually drops Translucent light blue Enemies turned into Ice do not deal damage to other enemies when moving fast.

(Does Ice form from Freezing Vapour + Water?)

Toxic Ice spells 0 Fragile Upon taking damage, cracks and eventually drops Translucent light green Will do damage upon contact. Does not respect Toxic Sludge Immunity perk.
Dense Rock Various 4 Strong Found as part of level boundaries. Immune to Acid.
Extremely Dense Rock Various 6 Extreme Found as part of level boundaries. The strictest material available.

Black Hole and Matter Eater will still destroy it.

Lightning Explosion can turn it to powder, but not destroy it.

Brickwork Holy Mountain, Temple of the Art, various other 5 Powerful Statues in the Pyramid Acid, Black Hole and Matter Eater will destroy it.
Sandstone Desert 3 Medium
Bone Wall Desert 3 Medium Giant skull in the desert
Packed Snow Snowy Depths 1 Very Light None. Blueish-white Can melt into water.
Frozen Rock Various 2 Light Weaker than most other rocks. Can be destroyed slowly by Spark Bolts.
Cursed Rock Tower 6 Probably very tough Dark reddish gray with blackish spots Similarly to toxic rock, you take constant damage while touching it.
Cheese Spoiler territory.
Wax Mines, Magical Temple 1 Very Light White Candle or Mushroom-like appearance.


Mines, Fungal Caverns 4? Strong Glowing green Take damage when first landing or moving on it, sometimes spawns with a chest
Volcanic Rock Various ? Created when water comes in contact with Lava

Liquid[edit | edit source]

Liquid Materials
Name Naturally Emits From Evaporates Into Freezes Into Stain Effect Drink Effect Appearance Density Other
Water Condensation Steam Ice Resist combustion Nothing. Blue 1


Often used to put out personal fires. Turns lava into rock.

Purifies pools of Toxic Sludge into more Water.

Chilly Water In cold biomes, the surface of Water converts into Chilly Water.

Chilly Water turns into Ice upon touching Ice.

Oil Barrels, lanterns, Machine enemies Combustion Only N/A Easily combustible, makes things slippery From Flask, may cause damage over time. Light brown 0.9?


Burns easily and for a long time.
Blood Humanoid enemies ? Frozen Blood Resist combustion, increased crits With Vampirism, gives minor health. Red 1.1


Turns Lava into Volcanic Rock.
Toxic Sludge Some Monsters, toxic barrels Toxic Gas Toxic Ice Resist combustion.

Damage. Cannot kill.

From Flask, causes damage over time. Light green 0.9? Also creates Toxic Rock from touching Lava.

Touching it as a liquid, gas, or even solid causes damage.

Turns into more water when it touches water.

Acid Monster attacks Flammable Gas Frozen Acid Does not stain. Damages. Causes a moderate amount of instant damage. Deep green ? Evaporates on its own.

Easily destroys most other materials, including steel. Deals ~20 DPS on contact, more if you are further submerged.

Whiskey Kegs Combustion Only ? Inaccuracy Causes color shifting 'headache' effect. Deep brown ?(between toxic sludge and water) Burns very quickly.
Lava Fire mages, Fireflies N/A Rock Does not stain. Damages. Take extra damage Glowing orange ? Touching Water creates Rock. Blood creates Volcanic Rock.

Toxic Sludge creates Toxic Rock, which is always damaging.

Melts Steel, Diamonds and Copper into more lava.

Melts Plastic into liquid Molten Plastic.

Worm Blood Worms, jungle spiders ? ? ? Causes color shifting effect.

Grants night vision.

Greenish-grey 0.9? Can be used to clear other stains.
Slime Some Monsters, Fungus N/A Frozen Slime Resist combustion, slows movement. ? Bright Pink 1.2 Heavy liquid, and quite sticky. Moves very slowly over itself.

When a pile is generated, the mound takes a long time to flow.

Poison Certain Hiisi weapons, Spell effect Poison gas ? Damage over time, can kill Purple 0.9? Evaporates on its own.

Touching lava makes poisonous rock.

Magical Liquid Ghostly enemies ? ? ? ? Glowing light blue ? Only ghostly enemies bleed this. Quickly evaporates, but can be flasked with great persistence.
Potions Potion spray, randomly found in the world. ? Same effect as source potion. Varies Varies? Varies
Urine Used to be from deer, removed currently, only accessible by modding the game. ? ? ? ? most likely yellow ? You used to be able to when transformed into a deer left click to urinate.
Swamp Sometimes found in fungal caverns ? ? Does not stain ? Greeny-yellow <1 There are two different types: swamp_water and swamp (swamp appears to be a mixture of swamp_water and moss.)
Creepy Liquid Unused (generated by breaking unused static sand "Brick Wall") ? ? does not stain nothing light purple ? it expands infinitely unless contained in a completely closed off area. it can be turned into water with purifying powder.

Gaseous[edit | edit source]

Note: all gases (actually most materials) cause O2 reduction if the player is submerged nearly completely.

Gaseous Materials
Name Emits From Submerge Effect Appearance Other
Steam Water evaporation Grey Condenses into water.
Smoke Fires Grey
Toxic Gas Toxic sludge evaporation by fire Damages Light green Different from what comes from Acid, which is Flammable Gas. Flammable.
Flammable Gas Acid evaporation, Mushroom enemies,

wands with Acid-related spells

Deep green Burns quickly, similar to Whiskey.

While not immediately damaging, sudden combustion becomes a possibility.

Freezing Vapours Freezing Liquid, Explosives,

Icy skulls, Rock monsters

Damages, freezes on kill and sometimes on damage. Blue, sparkles Freezing Liquid may linger without fully evaporating, creating constant trails of freezing vapours.
Poison Gas Poison spells evaporating Purple Flammable, but not actually poisonous.

Powder[edit | edit source]

Powder Materials
Name Biome/Emits From Hardness Dissolve Powders Appearance Other
Soil Surface 2 Light Yes Dark brown Often has grass growing on top. As with any powder, it can be kicked around.
Mud Surface 2 Light Yes? Dark brown Created by mixing Water with Soil.
Coal Mines 2 Light No Black Flammable. Burns for a very long time.
Honey Spawned from wasp nest 2 Light Yellow
Gunpowder (1) Coal Pits, Firecrackers spell modifier 1 Very Light Yes Orange Also known as 'firecrackers.' Upon combustion, creates small explosions that deal 6 damage. May linger without automatically destroying itself, creating constant pops.
Gunpowder (2) Gunpowder Trail spell modifier 1 Very Light Yes Orange Burns quickly and without explosions.
Gold Various 3 Medium No Gold, white Harder than Bomb explosions, surviving them. Is always a powder, so it drips like sand. If touched by the player, becomes collected as money.
Copper Mines 3 Medium? No? Brown-red, white Although spawning in the world similarly to Gold and is similarly a powder, it cannot be collected as money. Conductive.
Brass Ejected by firearm-using enemies Orange Does not block creature or projectile movement, but blocks other materials, similar to Fungus.
Diamond Multiple biomes, Thunder Mage corpse 4 Strong No White/blue Although spawning in the world similarly to Gold and is similarly a powder, it cannot be collected as money. Unaffected by the Dissolve Powders perk.
Snow Frozen Depths, Hissi Base 0 Fragile Yes Pure White Snowmen in the Frozen Depths are made of this. Melts into water, which might quickly evaporate.
Sand Vats in the Mines, Desert Yes Light yellow, white
Blue Sand Broken Houre crystals. Light blue
Bone Dust Skeletal enemies, Desert 1 Very Light Yes White Sometimes dropped from nests

Organic and Other[edit | edit source]

Organic Materials and Other
Name Biome Hardness Appearance Other
Meat Various 2 Light Varies Chainsaw destroys to create more of the corpse's emissions. Has many variants. Can be eaten, but this has no effect, even with Vampirism perk.
Rotten Meat Red-blooded enemies 1 Very Light ? Corpses collapse into this ugly pile. As with any powder, it can be kicked around, and may even spawn drops of blood.
Grass Various 0 Fragile Appears naturally and goes in the foreground layer (meaning that things can't collide with it).
Moss Various 0 Fragile Appears naturally and goes in the foreground layer (meaning that things can't collide with it).
Fungus Fungal Caverns


? hot pink Slowly grows upwards. Blocks movement of liquids, but not solids - this can create highly effective 'potion baths.' Can be destroyed to create Slime.

If eaten, audio and visual effects occur, representing a psychoactive trip.

Fungus may also be found as a material creating background elements on the surface and in the Mines.

If these scenic fungi are destroyed, it spawns fast-disappearing liquid Fungus. Liquid Fungus applies Slime debuff.

Fire Various N/A Burns, melts, and/or evaporate some materials. Will combust most creatures and deal damage over time. Can be rarely found in a flask.

Sometimes lingers endlessly without self-destructing. Can also be destroyed with even Spark Bolt. Fire can be negated by spells and perks. Can be "eaten" with no effect.

Sign Fire Forest, Mines Entrance N/A Background flames that highlight the signs showing the game's controls at spawn. It doesn't hurt the player or burn anything at all.

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