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//optional, default is 250x250px
Health 75 ♥
Attack Type Melee
Bleeds None
Spawn Location Various
Damage Multipliers
Drill 0.7

  • 30 Gold nugget.png

The Mimic (in-game name Matkija) is a rare enemy that looks exactly like a normal chest. It cannot move and it will not attack you until you are touching it.

There is also a variant named Jalkamatkatavara that will grow limbs when awakened and use them to attack the player. It will drop the Leggy Mutation Perk when killed.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to distinguish between a chest and a mimic:

  • If you attack it and it displays a damage value, it is a mimic.
    • It's generally safer to just shoot chests open since there's no known penalty compared to opening one by interacting with it. One possible risk, however, is that Treasure Chests may drop flasks, which may accidentally become shattered or broken in the process, especially with wands that shoot projectiles rapidly.
  • If it is floating in water, it is a mimic.
  • If it is perfectly upright (tilted), it is a mimic.
  • If a stain indicator appears on top of the chest, then it is a mimic.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

A mimic with legs
A mimic with legs