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//optional, default is 250x250px
Health 500 ♥
Attack Type Melee (25 damage)
Bleeds Worm Blood
Spawn Location From Wiggling Eggs on Giant Tree, Hatched from eggs in the Underground Jungle, Various

  • Nothing

This enemy may spawn by breaking the wiggling eggs on branches of the Giant Tree and like most other blue worms, may spawn naturally anywhere in the mountain.

There is also an aquatic version of this which spawns in the Lake, Nahkiainen, with very similar stats and movement.

Should the player find themselves glitched or trapped completely in brickwork (such as a result of being polymorphed by chaotic polymorphine into a small or ghost worm temporarily), this will spawn and attack.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Worm Egg Hatching.gif

(A player breaking a jungle hive and spawning a Mato)