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A creature that may spawn by breaking the eggs on the Giant Tree. May vary in size from very small to extremely large. There is also an aquatic version of this which spawns in the Lake.

The worm in this picture is actually a Tiny Worm, but the Worm is simply a larger version of this.

Worms can freely travel through any solids including brickwork and the material of the Giant Tree; the larger worms destroy them, leaving tunnels that the player can use.

Worms bleed worm blood, which when drank grants temporary night vision that is necessary to see in the Dark Cave, as well as a colour shifting screen effect.

Should the player find themselves glitched or trapped in solid brickwork (such as a result of being polymorphed into a small or ethereal worm temporarily), a larger version of the worm, the Giant Worm, will spawn to eat the player.