Matter Eater

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MATTER EATER Spell matter eater.png
Causes the projectile to destroy the environment as it flies.
Type Projectile modifier
Effect Destroys material around the projectile
Uses remaining 10
Mana drain 120

A charge-limited projectile modifier spell that causes affected projectiles to destroy material in a small radius around it during travel. It has more difficulty destroying harder materials, especially cursed rock.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If the projectile is very long-lasting, such as that of Dormant Crystal, it will continue eating its way through the world wherever it goes.
  • A wand with this spell as Always Casts is an incredibly powerful digging tool since any spells it casts (directly) will always cut through steel, brickwork, and even extremely dense rock. It will however struggle severely with cursed rock, making such a wand insufficient for digging through such walls.
  • Beware of angering the gods when using this, as the brickwork in the Holy Mountain is just as easily deleted as anything else.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Effect of the spell.