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Type Organic
Biomes Various
Hardness 2 Light
Emits from Various enemies

Meat is an organic Material that a variety of enemies drop on death. Combining meat with Alchemic precursor will create Draught of Midas; any variant of meat can be used.

Spells like Chainsaw and Digging Bolt and Digging Blast can destroy meat to create more of the corpse's blood emissions.

Variants of Meat
Name Hardness Drops from... Blood Type Eat Effect
Meat 2 Light Crawler, All(?) Hiisi, Spider, Polymorphed Enemies Blood -
Worm Meat 2 Light Tiny Worm, Worm, Giant Worm Worm Blood
Green Slimy Meat 2 Light Toxic Slime Toxic Sludge
Slimy Meat 2 Light Lepakko Slime
Weird / Toad Meat 2 Light Konna, Jättikonna Blood Tripping
Cursed Meat - Stevari, Hahmonvaihtaja - Curse - a Thundercloud will follow you around. Continuing to eat this will prolong and worsen the curse, eventually progressing to Acid Cloud.
Stinky Meat - Muodonmuutosmestari - Polymorph Immunity
Ethereal Meat - Siirtäjämestari - Teleportation
Ambiguous Meat - Haavoittajamestari - Confused
Rotten Meat 1 Very Light Meat that the player has traveled away from and later returned to. Food Poisoning, Poisoned