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A typical Mine entrance

The Mines are the entry area of the game, featuring mostly dirt, wooden beams and piles of coal, as well as oil barrels and other minor explosives. The area is rather cramped with narrow corridors and shafts. Pools of Water, Oil and Toxic Sludge are common. The ground in this area contains small patches of gold.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Hurtta, Hiisi, and Limanuljaska in the Mines are weaker versions that have less HP and slower attacks. This can be seen by their brown tint (normal versions have a green tint).

Common Rare

Hazards[edit | edit source]

Explosive crates, toxic sludge barrels, and oil barrels are frequent in the mines. In addition, lanterns are frequent. All this is likely to cause fires as oil and coal are frequent, and a lot of structures are made of wood.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Liquid Vat A large wooden vat, containing a random, non-corrosive liquid (Water, Berserkium, Oil, Toxic Sludge etc.). Can very rarely also contain Cement, Sand, Gold, and other powder materials as well. There are two variants, one with wooden trusses underneath, and one that has a hollow underneath it which sometimes contains either a Chest or an Extra Max Health pickup. The wood breaks apart into Rigid Body pieces when damaged.
Trapped Treasure Room These come in two main types:
  • Trapped Wand Rooms have a flat floor and a wand pedestal in the center. They will typically trigger a Circle of spell when the wand is collected (most commonly and recognisably Circle of Acid, although other variants may exist). The trap box is always in the upper-left of the room and can easily be kicked down from its perch to disarm the trap. The trap spell can generally be outrun , and take note that the spell circle is blocked by terrain, so quickly ducking around a corner into an upper passage is generally fairly safe.
  • Submerged Rooms have a basin filled usually with some kind of liquid (usually Water, Toxic Sludge, Whiskey, or Teleportatium) or occasionally Gunpowder and often with one or two Fire or Electrical Trap boxes on one or both sides. Typically using a Bomb or other explosive to quickly empty the liquid is the safest way to disarm the trap, although they can sometimes be removed from their alcoves or simply destroyed with explosives.
Fungal Area Rarely an area full of Fungus can spawn with a few enemies usually found in the Fungal Caverns, containing a more powerful wand, max health upgrade, or chest.
Alchemy Laboratory A room which has two shelves with a selection of naturally spawning potions, there is a pool of Lava in the middle in a basin of Meteorite. Will always spawn a Hiisi Alchemist, Ukko, or Stendari that can often wander off.
Toxic Rock Passage A large passage with walls made of Toxic Rock. Can spawn a Chest or Extra Max Health pickup in the centre.