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The Mines are the entry area of the game, featuring mostly dirt, wooden beams and piles of coal, as well as oil barrels and other minor explosives.

The notable structures that can spawn there are:

  • Liquid Tank - a large, wooden tank, containing a random, non-corrosive liquid (water, berserkium, oil, etc.). Can very rarely also contain cement, sand, gold, and other powder materials as well. Sometimes has either a chest or a max health upgrade pickup under itself. The wood breaks apart into Rigid Body pieces when damaged.
  • Lava Pool - in the Eastern bottom section of the stage. Always spawns an Emerald Tablet at the west end, with a chance to spawn either a chest or a max health upgrade pickup at the east end.
  • Trapped Treasure Room - A rectangular room with a better wand can sometimes spawn in the Mines. Picking the wand up off its pedestal triggers a random trap (acid traps create a Circle of Acid, Fire traps ignite flammable liquids and Lightning traps electrify liquids). You can see what trap it is by looking for a square brown box with a spell symbol in the middle. Removing it from its socket or cutting off the metal wire running to it will disarm the trap.
  • Fungal Area - Rarely an area full of Fungus can spawn with a few enemies usually found in the Fungal Caverns, containing a more powerful wand, max health upgrade, or chest.
  • Flask room - A room which has two shelves with a selection of naturally spawning flasks, there is a pool of liquid in the middle surrounded by meteorite. Contains an alchemist that may wander off.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Crawlers, Hiisi, and slimes in the Mines are weaker versions that have less HP and slower attacks. This can be seen by their brown tint (normal versions have a green tint).



Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

Connected on the left is a harder area called the Collapsed Mines.

At the bottom of the area are several portals leading to one of the Holy Mountains, which connect to the Coal Pits.

Connected on the right is a large lava pool with a chance for an Extra Max Health pickup spawn on the right side. Past that, there is a sharp drop which is a shortcut taking the player directly to the Snowy Depths, or the drop can be crossed to reach The Orb Room.