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Nuke Spell nuke.png
Take cover!
Type Projectile
Damage 75
Uses remaining 1
Mana drain 200
Explosion damage 1000
Explosion radius 250
Spread 0.6 DEG
Speed 300
Cast delay +0.33 s
Recharge time +10.0 s
Projectile speed x 0.75

The most powerful explosive available in the game, launched as a somewhat slow arcing projectile. It is capable of destroying the most dense Materials in the game, such as Holy Mountain's brickwork and Extremely Dense Rock.

After the explosion, chunks of material will break loose from the ceiling and rain down as solid blocks as per the Earthquake spell. These blocks do large amounts of damage to anyone caught beneath them, however their material is always diggable afterwards regardless of what terrain they originally came from.

Will spawn from the Orb of True Knowledge in the cave at the bottom of the lava lake on the rightmost site of the mines the first time you pick it up, which also unlocks it to be randomly generated in future runs.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The nuke has an enormous explosion range, in many cases larger than the range of the actual spell. If the thing you're aiming at is visible on-screen, you are probably too close. The Explosion Immunity perk is recommended.
  • Even if you are immune to the explosion itself, you'll still be set on Fire unless you're immune to that too. Keep water handy.
  • Do not let wands with this spell lie around in the world where you suspect enemies might travel. They'll pick it up and fire it without hesitation with no regard to their own safety, or yours.
  • The explosive force of the Nuke is stronger nearer the center. Harder materials, like Glowing Stone, may survive further out and can be used for cover.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

It's unclear whether this spell is simply a powerful magic blast with a suggestive paintjob, or if it operates by literally summoning a nuclear warhead.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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