Octagonal Bolt Bundle

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Octagonal Bolt Bundle Spell rocket octagon.png
Makes a projectile launch 8 magical bolts if it moves slowly enough
Type Projectile modifier
Mana drain 100
Damage (Projectile) 33
Damage (Explosion) 140
Radius 12
Speed 100
Lifetime 360
Cast delay +0.33s

Octagonal Bolt Bundle is a spell modifier that causes the affected projectile to launch 8 missiles in cardinal and diagonal directions if it slows down enough (the projectile's speed needs to be lower than 50 units). Each missile is affected by gravity.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The missiles will hurt the player even if they have Explosion Immunity.
  • Because of the destructive nature of this modifier, it is advised to use it with Trigger or Timer spells.
  • Accelerative Homing pairs greatly with this spell, as spells affected by it will immediately explode into a bouquet of missiles.
  • Decelerating Shot can be used to slow down the projectile enough for it to explode.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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