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Perks are a large assortment of passive abilities that the player obtains as they descend deeper into the mountain, augmenting the player and their abilities in many ways.

A set of three perks are offered on an altar at the end of each Holy Mountain that the player visits. Upon selecting one, the other two perks disappear.

Perk Rerolling[edit | edit source]

Perks can be rerolled using the 'perk reroll' structure resembling a set of scales at the exit of the Holy Mountain. This replaces any perks on the altar with a new draw from the pool.

The perk reroll initially costs 200 gold and will double in price every use. i.e. 200 g, 400 g, 800 g, et cetera.

Rerolling only affects perks that are currently on the altar and will not spawn new perks if they've been taken.

Rerolling will pull from the entire pool of perks, allowing for the possibility of collecting multiple instances of the same perk.

Perk Stacking[edit | edit source]

Many of the perks in Noita, including essences, can be repeatedly stacked by means of going to east/west world or making use of the reroll altar. The effects of stacking varies greatly: For perks such as the essences or Electricity, stacking means adding extra fire rate to the perk. Perks such as Lukki Mutation and Permanent Shield will grant an additional copy. Perks such as Stainless Armour and Perk Lottery will exponentially get more effective, while perks such as Trick Greed or Glass Cannon will have no stacking effect. The full list of stacking effects is yet to be determined.

List of Perks[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Message Notes
Perk critical hit.png
Critical Hit + Increased critical hit chance. Affects all of the player's spells.
Perk breath underwater.png
Breathless You won't drown when submerged. Immunity to suffocating in liquids, gasses, and even being buried in powders, like snow and coal. You will still be damaged by acid and lava.

If you are polymorphed into a small worm or similar and transform back while inside of a wall, you will not suffocate in the wall.

Perk extra money.png
Greed You gain 2x gold per nugget. Stacking doubles the previously collected amount of gold. For example, stacking twice will grant 4x the gold, and thrice 8x, and so on.
Perk extra money trick kill.png
Trick Greed 4x instead of 2x gold is dropped when death is an accident. Extra gold spawns on the condition that the enemy dies via physics kills, chemistry kills, and infighting kills.
Perk hover boost.png
Strong Levitation You can fly 100% longer. Your levitation bar is doubled.

Because it is a direct extension, to recharge your flight to max capacity, you must also wait on the ground for twice as long.

Stacking doubles the levitation bar again with every stack.

Perk movement faster.png
Faster Movement Your movement speed is increased. You move about ~40% faster. Stacking increases speed further.
Perk low gravity.png
Low Gravity Your movement is floatier and you jump and fly higher. Greatly reduces the player's gravity, making it far easier to remain airborne, yet reduces your falling speed.
Perk speed diver.png
Faster Swimming You are an expert swimmer! This affects fall speed as well. Stacking a couple or more makes movement in liquid essentially identical to dry land.
Perk strong kick.png
Never Skip Leg Day Your kicks deal extra damage and knockback. Damage is boosted from 1 to 4. Knockback boost to enemies is marginal, but physical objects (carts, crates, etc) will be sent flying
Perk repelling cape.png
Repelling Cape Stains drop at a fast rate (when moving). Stains go away much faster while you are moving.

This also applies to potions, making the effects they grant much harder to maintain. Synergizes well with perks that require a clean cape, such as Invisibility or Stainless Armor.

Being constantly dry will make you much more likely to be set on fire.

Stacking makes stains fall off even faster. Just two stacks dries stains practically as soon as you exit the liquid.

Perk exploding corpses.png
Exploding Corpses Enemies explode upon death. Explosions often scatter gold, set off traps, and start fires.

By destroying at least most of the corpse, this perk may lessen the amount of blood and overall clutter.

Perk saving grace.png
Saving Grace If you would die and have more than 1 HP, your HP is set to 1 instead. Prevents death from a single high-power attack, but is ineffective against rapid damage.
Perk invisibility.png
Invisibility You're invisible. Stains, casting spells, kicking and taking damage removes the effect temporarily. Grants the player an infinite Invisiblium effect. Synergises well with Repelling Cape. Having two instances of the perk removes the wait time to go invisible when a stain is removed, but not when you kick or use a wand. Spell affected by a boomerang modifier will not arc towards the player while invisible.
Perk global gore.png
More Blood Blood blood blood. All creatures (including the player) bleed more. This includes unusual 'blood', such as slime (some monsters such as turso) or lava (fire-themed enemies such as stendari) when hurt. This also affects items that give off material when destroyed, such as oil lamps.

Can synergize well with Vampirism.

Stacking increases the amount of extra blood.

Perk remove fog of war.png
All Seeing Eye You can now see everywhere. Removes all darkness from the world, revealing the entire screen without needing to see an area first.

Works everywhere, even in places the spell variant would not.

Perk vampirism.png
Vampirism You regain health from drinking blood, but lose one third of your max health. Hold down while standing in blood to consume it and gain health.

Max health removed is calculated from your current total max health.

Blood drank from a flask via right click also restores health, at a rate of 2 HP per 10% drank.

Perk extra hp.png
Extra HP 50% extra max health. Bonus calculated from player's current maximum Health at time the time of acquiring. Does not affect any future changes to max health.
Perk hearts more extra hp.png
Extra Maximum HP from Hearts Hearts give double the maximum HP. Increases from +25 to +50 for large HP up, and from +10 to +20 for small HP up.
Perk glass cannon.png
Glass Cannon Your spells deal 5x damage and have larger blast ranges, but your maximum health is capped to 50. Explosions and blasts caused by the player are 5x larger.

If health is below fifty, it will be set to fifty. Max health can still be reduced below 50 via Vampirism or the Destruction spell.

Picking up a health increase will give the message: "Health increased by [#], but a some sort of curse prevented the health increase!"

This perk can be stacked once, making any projectile shot by the player weakly explosive.

Perk respawn.png
Extra Life Upon death you respawn with 100 health. Upon dying, you do not actually 'respawn' somewhere safe - you are still in the same predicament.

This perk merely sets your health to 100 if you lose all of it, and only once.

Perk worm attractor.png
Worm Attractor Worms of the world come to you. Causes worms to be attracted towards the player's general area but not necessarily the player. Seems to also increase rate of jättimato and decrease the rate of smaller worms.
Perk worm detractor.png
Worm Detractor Worms of the world run from you.
Perk enemy detector.png
Enemy Radar Detects nearby enemies. Red circles will appear around you, indicating the distance and direction to nearby enemies.The larger a marker is, the closer the enemy.
Perk wand radar.png
Wand Radar Detects nearby wands. Green circles will appear around you, indicating the distance and direction to nearby wands.The larger a marker is, the closer the wand.
Perk protection fire.png
Fire Immunity You take no damage from fire. You can no longer be set on fire. Does not prevent damage from lava, fiery explosions, and direct fire attacks like those from a Stendari.
Perk protection radioactivity.png
Toxic Sludge Immunity You take no damage from toxic sludge. Prevents the toxic sludge stain, causing toxic sludge to remove stains instead.

Does not prevent damage from acid, frozen acid, frozen toxic sludge, toxic rock, toxic gas, poison liquid, and poison stains.

Perk protection explosion.png
Explosion Immunity You take no direct damage from explosions. Player is still affected by harmful material generated by certain explosions, including fire, toxic sludge, acid, electricity, and freezing vapour.
Perk protection melee.png
Melee Immunity You take no damage from close-range enemy attacks. Can cause many enemies to become completely harmless to the player.

This includes 'tentacle-type' attacks such as the Jättikonna's tongue and the Turso's tentacle.

Perk protection electricity.png
Electricity Immunity You take no damage from electric shocks. This perk may be preferable over the Electricity perk, which is capable of activating traps and triggering explosives.

Note that many electricity-based spells also deal explosive damage, and so this perk is not sufficient to grant immunity to Lightning Bolt and similar spells.

Perk teleportitis.png
Teleportitis Damage is reduced by 20%. Every time you take damage, you teleport away. Any amount of damage (including damage-over-time effects like fire or toxic sludge) will make player randomly teleport to a random off-screen location. Can teleport into harmful material, such as lava or acid.

Blocked damage will still trigger the teleport effect.

Possibly a reference to the intrinsic/extrinsic in NetHack.

Perk stainless armour.png
Stainless Armour You take 50% less damage as long as you have no active stain status effect. Synergizes well with Repelling Cape. Stacking halves damage every time.
Perk edit wands everywhere.png
Edit Wands Everywhere Divine blessing allows you to edit wands everywhere. Enables the editing of wands outside of Holy Mountains.

Allows you to strip away the spells from any wand you find, as well as replace spells with depleted charges with fresh counterparts on a whim.

Perk ability actions materialized.png
Bombs Materialized Bomb-like spells can be placed in the ITEMS space in inventory and thrown without a wand. The TNT, Bomb, Glitter Bomb and Holy Bomb spells may now occupy item slots.

Spells can only be moved around the inventory in Holy Mountain, except with Edit Wands Everywhere perk.

Perk Unlimited Spells.png
Unlimited Spells Spells with a specific number of uses may become unlimited. Does not work for: Black Hole, Heal Projectile, Circle of Vigour, Matter Eater and Summon Taikasauva.

Full list of exempt spells to be determined.

Perk No More Shuffle.png
No More Shuffle From now on there are no more shuffling wands. Also converts equipped wands to non shufflers. All carried wands have shuffle set to 'no'.

All future wands generated will be no-shuffle. Does not affect wands already generated.

Perk Always Cast.png Always Cast Adds a random spell as "Always Cast" to the equipped wand. Stackable infinitely but randomization is done once per wand so it will add the same spell as always cast every time it is picked up.
Perk projectile homing.png
Homing Shots All your spells home towards enemies very slightly. Static projectiles such as Death Cross, Slime Mist and the sparks of Levitation Trail will reliably follow targets, while fast projectiles like Magic Arrow will only curve slightly.
Perk projectile homing shooter.png
Boomerang Spells Almost all your spells arc towards you; you have higher projectile resistance. Be wary of using explosives with this perk. Long-lasting spells, such as Dormant Crystal, can follow you around indefinitely.

Conversely, high-velocity spells like Spark Bolt may curve up or down in an odd manner due to their attraction to you. This quirk can throw off your aim, so this perk is not recommended for novice players.

Perk freeze field.png
Freeze Field Freezes liquids around you. Extinguishes fires, causes lava to instantly cool, and freezes various other liquids. But will not freeze liquids that do not have a frozen material counterpart (like oil or magic potions). Frozen toxic sludge will still damage the player with Toxic Sludge Immunity.

Synergyzes poorly with "Slime Blood" and "More Blood" perks, frequently causing the player to become trapped in their own frozen blood mid-battle. Also removes the ability to gather freezable liquids.

Perk dissolve powders.png
Dissolve Powders Sand and other soft, powdery materials dissolve quickly in your presence. A small radius around the player will instantly destroy things like coal, gunpowder, sand, snow, bone dust, and more.

See the Materials page for more details.

Perk slime blood.png
Slime Blood You bleed slime, but slime no longer slows you down. Hidden stat of 40% projectile resistance.
Perk oil blood.png
Oil Blood You bleed fast-burning oil. Hidden stat of 40% explosion resistance.
Perk shield.png
Permanent Shield You gain a small, permanent shield. A small shield will make smaller projectiles bounce off and break after a certain amount of damage. The shield will reappear shortly after breaking.

Stacks with other shield spells for increased protection. Damaging projectiles bounce off of shields, potentially hitting enemies or explosives. Due to its smallness, the shield may not always protect you from very high-velocity or large-hitbox projectiles.

Perk revenge explosion.png
Revenge Explosion Often when you take damage, you release a magical explosion that hurts enemies. The perk will trigger on any amount of damage.

Your explosion can activate other explosives and create fires.

Perk revenge tentacle.png
Revenge Tentacle You call a monstrous tentacle against those who harm you. Causes a tentacle to emerge from the player and hit anything that damages the player. This also includes taking damage from various passive sources of damage, like lava or damage-over-time effects, causing the tentacle to sometimes flail randomly.

May also attack creatures that fire healing projectiles at you.

Perk attack foot.png
Lukki Mutation You grow curious additional limbs that fight for you. *Note* These limbs will attack nearby explosives as well as enemies

Slightly increases movement speed and gives the player unlimited flight, but the player can only fly while at least one limb is touching a solid surface. Good for claustrophobic areas but severely limits your vertical mobility in large open spaces.

This perk can be stacked multiple times.

Perk Leggy Feet.png Leggy Mutation You grow weird and disturbing looking limbs that fight for you. Cannot be found at Holy Mountain. Dropped by Leggy Mimics (Matkija)

Same effects at Lukki Mutation.

Perk plague rats.png
Plague Rats Enemies that die near you spawn hungry rats to serve your bidding. Rats no longer attempt to harm you, except after friendly fire or due to Berserkium.

Plague Rats are much stronger than regular rats but disappear after a while. Good for combating groups of ground based opponents.

Perk projectile repulsion.png
Projectile Repulsion Field Most projectiles are repulsed by your presence, but you take slightly more projectile damage. You take 26% more damage from projectiles.

Projectile spells you cast fly faster / further as they are repelled from the field, such as Black Holes now going 3x+ the distance. However, this also causes a very slight variation in their flight pattern from your body, i.e. you'll point straight and it will go slightly up or down.

Perk electricity.png
Electricity You're immune to electric damage but metal and liquids electrify around you constantly. Look out! Electrified metals and liquids can cause combustion and activation of explosive boxes. Also makes collecting flasks in liquids much harder.
Perk attract items.png
Attract Gold Gold nuggets gravitate towards you. Attracts gold nuggets towards the player and increases in strength the closer it is to the player.
Perk extra knockback.png
Extra Enemy Knockback Your spells knock enemies back more. This perk is likely to cause any enemy to flinch, at the expense of flinging them far away. Useful for fighting melee enemies.

When using weak, but fast spells like Bouncing Burst, you may find yourself disadvantaged by the fact that your aim is thrown off by the enemy's recoiling.

Perk lower spread.png
Concentrated Spells Your spells have lower spread but they push you back more. In addition to the direct benefit of more accurate spells, the added recoil can be used as a crude jetpack or jump extender by firing opposite of where you wish to go. Might slow digging operations, as you will be pushed back from whatever you're digging without careful spell arrangement. Chainsaw wands in particular become a jetpack.
Perk bounce.png
Bouncing Spells Almost all your spells bounce around. This perk will cause spells like Energy Orb and Magic Missile to no longer immediately detonate on impact with terrain.

As a result, their digging potential becomes greatly hampered.

Perk extra perk.png
Extra Perk Every temple from now on spawns an additional perk to choose from. Stacking creates additional perk slots.
Perk perks lottery.png
Perk Lottery When you pick a perk, there's a 50% chance the others won't disappear. Can also trigger when Perk Lottery itself is first picked.

The effect can be stacked if multiple instances are picked up via perk re-rolling.

If the effect triggers, re-rolling perks will only re-roll the amount of perks remaining on the altar.

Perk genome more hatred.png
More Hatred Creatures in the world are more aggressive towards each other. Causes enemies not of the same group (e.g. Hurtta and Haulikkohiisi) to attack each other on sight.

May cause a loss of gold from off-screen deaths.

Perk genome more love.png
More Love Creatures in the world are more friendly to each other. Reduces infighting, such as making most enemies passive to Rats.
Perk Telekinetic Kick.png Telekinetic Kick You gain new telekinetic powers. Pressing the kick button now causes objects the player is looking at to hover directly in front of them. Pressing kick gain with a held object launches it in the direction the player is looking.

This may be used to collect gold nuggets from a distance.

Perk Living on the Edge.png Living on the Edge When under 25hp, your spells deal 3x damage. Having this perk three times, it will not stack any further. This perk will multiply the last damage multiplier by three, ending up squaring or even cubing it.

Glass Cannon can stack itself once. When having this perk, the damage can be multiplied once more, but only once. The exact way the damage gets calculated while having both is complicated, however the most effective combination would be having two times Glass Cannon first and then adding this perk, as the Glass Cannon perk will nullify any previous instance of this one as long as health is below 25, potentially making the output worse.

Perk Money is Forever.jpg Gold is Forever Gold nuggets never disappear. Gold nuggets can still be destroyed via Luminous Drill and Black Hole.
Perk Trick Blood Money.png Trick Blood Money Blood money is dropped when death is an accident. You can easily farm blood money with spells like Summon Rock and by throwing Emerald Tablets, as well as spells that can light enemies on fire.
Perk No Wand Editing.jpg No Wand Editing Wands cannot be edited, but enemies may drop blood money. Removing wand editing in exchange for enemies sometimes dropping blood money is a bad play in almost any situation, because without wand editing, you will have to rely entirely on a wand you built before receiving the perk, or randomly generated wands found in the game.

Even if the player has or gets the perk Edit Wands Everywhere, wands cannot be edited anymore.

Perk Wand Experimenter.png Wand Experimenter Firing new and unedited wands heals you. This perk heals approximately 23 health per wand over the course of 8 casts with each cast halving the hp healed per use. The perk still works even if the new and unedited wand has no spells on it or a spell similar to Torch that has no cost or cast effect.
Perk Levitation Trail.png Levitation Trail Flying leaves a trail of magical sparks that harm passing creatures. The sparks from this perk deal 3 damage each and may linger in the air for approximately 5 seconds.

Sparks spawned by this perk do not damage objects such as explosive barrels.

The sparks are projectiles and get affected by Homing Shot.

Essences[edit | edit source]

Essences are special perks that are not in the normal perk rotation, and instead only spawn in specific locations on the map. Having 4 or more essences in hand allows the player to break open the Moon.

Icon Name Message Notes
Special Perk essence fire.png Essence of Fire Your entire being is fluctuating! Found in the center of the island at the Lake, under the wooden statue. Explodes a few tiles around the player, blocks invisibility, and may set the player on fire if player isn't wet or immune to fire.
Special Perk essence water.png Essence of Water The earth flows around your being! Found in ??? to the left of The Work (Hell). Regularly shoots a "touch"-type projectile from the player in a random direction from the player, which turns a small radius around whatever material it hits into lava.
Special Perk essence air.png Essence of Air Your being controls the air around you! Found in ??? in the center of the Cloudscape. Regularly shoots air blast projectiles in a circle around the player, pushing away powders, enemies, and objects.
Special Perk essence earth.png Essence of Earth Your being releases damaging light! Found in ??? along the map's east wall. Every few seconds it fires 8 evenly-spaced explosive projectiles from the player that destroy terrain. The explosions can damage the player unless the player has Explosion Immunity.
Special Perk essence alcohol.png Essence of Spirits That was not the best of ideas Found in ??? at the lowest point of the Lake. Adds an alcohol trail to every projectile spell. Will likely cause a large amount of lag with rapid-fire wands.