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Tiny Firefly
Attack Type
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
1 Gold
Spawn Location(s)
Coal Pits

The Tiny Firefly (in-game name Pikkutulikärpänen)

It is made out of Volcanic Rock. It can fly and shoots a variation of the Firebomb spell that dissipates after a short time, or on contact with objects. They spawn from a hive-like creature. When fighting it, stay in the air and move a lot vertically. Don't get too close, as they can die and cause lava to fall. They also have a 'lunge' attack that causes them to dash at their target. This attack can be hard to avoid, but they will also stop flying for a second after attacking in this way.

They will use this attack whenever the player has an energy shield, but sometimes they will do nothing but stay still while flying and shoot the player. This can wear down the player's shield to breaking point.

They are weak to water.

Their lava blood may occasionally fall in toxic sludge, causing it to evaporate into damaging toxic gas, and solidifying into damaging toxic rock.