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"Lesser firefly"
Health 5 ♥
Attack Type Firebomb
Bleeds Lava
Spawn Location Coal Pits
Damage Multipliers
Drill 0.5

Takes rapid damage when wet, cannot be set on fire.


  • 10 Gold nugget.png

The lesser firefly (in-game name pikkutulikärpänen) is a flying enemy made out of volcanic rock that spawns in the Coal Pits, either naturally or from a hive-like creature.

It shoots a projectile resembling the Firebomb spell that detonates after a short time or on contact. Like many enemies, its projectiles can be efficiently dodged by moving vertically. Staying off the ground also helps with avoiding the lava it bleeds. They will also charge at nearby enemies dealing melee damage.

Their lava blood may occasionally fall into toxic sludge, causing it to evaporate into damaging Toxic Gas or solidify into Toxic Rock.

Like other fire-based enemies, they are vulnerable to water

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