Pinpoint of Light

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Pinpoint Of Light Spell glowing bolt.png
An extremely concentrated point of light that explodes after a moment
Type Projectile
Mana drain 65
Damage (Projectile) 5.0
Damage (Explosion) 40.0
Radius 20
Spread 1.7 DEG
Speed 850
Lifetime 90
Cast delay +0.67s
Spread modifier +6 DEG

A Spell that fires a thin white laser, leaving a small white speck at the point of impact which explodes after a short while. A weaker version of this spell is used as the retaliation attack of Hohtava hyypiö.

The laser beam will pierce through enemies, deal damage per tick, and is friendly-fire enabled, just like the one modified by Piercing Shot. Its behavior when modified by Add Trigger needs further tests.

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Using the spell on a Hound