Poison (Material)

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Effect Poisoned.png
Type Liquid
Biomes Mainly the Underground Jungle
Emits from Certain Hiisi weapons
Evaporates into Poison Gas
Stain effect Damage over time, can kill
Density 0.9 (floats)

Poison is a dark purple liquid Material that stains creatures with the poison effect, doing small amounts of damage over time. Unlike Toxic Sludge the poison damage will not stop when HP gets low and can actually kill the player. It will quickly evaporate on its own, creating Poison Gas if burned.

It can be washed off with Water, just like Toxic Sludge.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Poison never appears naturally. It is only created by spells or enemies, most notably by Myrkkyhiisi in the Underground Jungle. There are no barrels or other containers filled with poison and no vats or pools of it either, making this substance a fairly rare occurrance outside of player spellcasting.

Transmutations[edit | edit source]

At present, the only known set transmutation is with Lava that creates Poisonous Rock. Like most liquids, it can also be a component for the random Alchemy recipes.

Poison Gas
Type Liquid
Biomes Various
Emits from Poison evaporating

Poison Gas[edit | edit source]

Poison Gas is a gaseous Material that emits from evaporating poison liquid. It's flammable, but contrary to the name not actually poisonous. It has a dark purple color, similar to the poison it emits from. Functionally, it is identical to Flammable Gas.

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