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A large structure found in the Desert. Most of the structure is static, however some parts are procedurally generated between each run, opening or sealing some passages. At the top of Pyramid's exterior is an Orb of True Knowledge and an Emerald Tablet. Below the Pyramid lies the Sandcave.

Entrance[edit | edit source]

The entrances to the Pyramid interior are blocked by large rock walls, requiring explosives, certain spells, or a lucky transformation via Chaotic Polymorphine to gain access.

Hazards[edit | edit source]

  • Pools of lava or toxic sludge may spawn in some cases
  • Wall-mounted traps (watch for round protrusions hanging off walls)
  • Breakable pots - have a 50/50 chance of spilling Firecrackers (Red Pot) or several Hämikset (Blue Pot) and water when hit
  • Kallorotta - flying, but relatively easy
  • Kallokärpänen - large and tough flying enemies that will fire Path of Dark Flame from long range
  • Alchemists - will throw flasks of various random substances
  • Kiukkukalma - ghost, fires splitting projectiles

Apex[edit | edit source]

On the top floor of the pyramid you will find Kolmisilmän koipi, the Three-Eyed Leg, dormant on an altar. Approaching him will cause him to awaken and attack. Upon defeating him you will be awarded a Max health upgrade and a mid-tier wand.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Prior to patch #6 on nov 5 2019, the top of the pyramid contained a room with 3 fairly powerful wands instead. The miniboss was, back then, summoned via filling the skull in the desert with water.

At the center of the Pyramid's walls there are sections filled with dense rock, brickwork and pockets of diamond; the material is reminiscent of the bottom of Orb Rooms.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the pyramid
Orb area atop the pyramid