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Release Date[edit | edit source]

Noita has been released to early access as of 2019-09-24 on Steam, the Humble Store, and GOG

Release Notes[edit | edit source]

Official Source:

Date Title (Steam) Patch notes (additional) source
2019-09-24 Noita has been released on Early Access!

Noita - the magical falling sand roguelite - is now out on Early Access!

Noita is now available for purchase on Early Access for USD $17.99 (EUR 16.99€)! It's been a long ride but it's time to show you all the work we've done over these past years; we can't wait to see what kind of stuff people get up to in the game. As the game's on Early Access, we'll be polishing and implementing things even after release, of course.

Watch the trailer here:

Noita - Early Access Launch Date Trailer (Out Now!) Noita's website: Press kit:
2019-09-25 Patch #1

A patch with bugfixes and new features

Thanks to all of you for your support and the positive response! We've prepared our first patch with some bugfixes and new features; patch notes are listed below but you'll be able to see them in-game!

As for game being stuck on loading screen, we've implemented a workaround. If you wait 30 seconds on the loading screen a message will appear and restarting the game afterwards should help.

Happy wanding!

Patch #1 notes (20190925):

  • UPDATE: Credits
  • UPDATE: Pressing ESCAPE, SPACE or RETURN in release notes, closes the menu
  • UPDATE: Two surprises to find in far corners of the world
  • UPDATE: A secret use for emerald tablets...
  • BUGFIX: Loading being stuck, there is a workaround now if you wait 30 seconds on the loading screen
  • BUGFIX: Pressing ESC while in the release notes, causes the game to lock into a black screen
  • BUGFIX: Stats not saving
  • BUGFIX: Mouse cursor is not visible when starting the game
  • BUGFIX: Item slot key rebinding doesn't work
2019-09-26 Noita update #2 is now available everywhere!

Experimental replay recorder, bugfixes and new features

Hi again! An experimental replay recorder/death replay feature can now be enabled via options. There's a new spell, some new secrets and bug fixes. The gif above was made using the recorder!

Update #2 notes (20190926):

  • FEATURE: Replay recorder - create gifs of your deaths (or at any time via F11/X). Can be enabled via options.
  • FEATURE: One new spell!
  • FEATURE: A small new surprise for curious players
  • UPDATE: Enabled steam minidump crash reporting
  • BUGFIX: Audio - enemy TNT throw sound is VERY loud
  • BUGFIX: Wrong background art in mines
  • BUGFIX: A source of infinite gold
  • BUGFIX: Entering Holy Mountain a certain way disallows wand editing
2019-10-01 Noita update #3

New perks, higher quality replay gifs

Hey everyone! The latest Noita build contains five new perks, fixes replay recorder gif looping and improves gif downscaling quality. Screenshake has also been reduced to 70% of original amount.

In our next patch we'll focus on balancing various unfair game mechanics and improving the legibility of status effects.

(The replay recorder can be enabled via PAUSE -> Options -> Replay recorder)

Update #3 release notes (Oct 1 2019)

  • NOTES: "Replay recorder" can now be enabled via options menu
  • UPDATE: Replay edit - higher quality downsampling
  • UPDATE: Gameplay - reduced default screen shake to 70% of original
  • UPDATE: Several new perks for extra variety!
  • BUGFIX: Replay edit - gifs don't loop correctly
2019-10-11 Noita update #4 Hey everyone! Highlights of this update include balancing of some unfair interactions, UI improvements, less angry gods, new spells and new eggs!

Update #4 release notes (Oct 11 2019)

  • FEATURE: Added new eggs!
  • FEATURE: Added three new alchemical curiosities and two new mysteries into the game world
  • FEATURE: Added 11 new spells and a selection of curious rarity spells
  • FEATURE: Settings/UI - 'show hovered material/item name next to mouse'
  • FEATURE: UI - Stain status amount is displayed next to icon
  • FEATURE: UI - Fire status duration displayed in the status area
  • FEATURE: UI - Displays potion fullness next to icon
  • FEATURE: Added a new rare monster
  • FEATURE: The gods have less reasons to be angry
  • UPDATE: Walking through 1-2px pools of toxic sludge should not activate the status effect if not previously stained
  • UPDATE: Player starts with a water flask
  • UPDATE: Added small safety rooms to the start of Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base and The Vault
  • UPDATE: Giga Death Cross is now properly Giga
  • UPDATE: Adjusted Snowy Depths & Hiisi Base enemy distribution slightly
  • UPDATE: Adjusted projectile knockbacks
  • UPDATE: Clarified some spell descriptions
  • UPDATE: Adjusted knockback on the 'Concentrated shot' perk
  • UPDATE: Increased egg-friend HP to make them last longer and made egg-borne Limanuljaska enemies not spill toxic sludge
  • UPDATE: Full health regeneration heart in Holy Mountain now increases maximum hp by 10
  • BUGFIX: Duplicate world seed bug
  • BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy progress icons
  • BUGFIX: Fixed potential crashes in platform layer
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a glitchy secret interaction
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Thunder blast's explosion damaging through resistances
  • BUGFIX: Fixed some enemies in the Vault missing some of their tools such as shields