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Release Date[edit | edit source]

Noita has been released to early access as of 2019-09-24 on Steam, the Humble Store, and GOG

Release Notes[edit | edit source]

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2019-09-24 Noita has been released on Early Access!

Noita - the magical falling sand roguelite - is now out on Early Access!

Noita is now available for purchase on Early Access for USD $17.99 (EUR 16.99€)! It's been a long ride but it's time to show you all the work we've done over these past years; we can't wait to see what kind of stuff people get up to in the game. As the game's on Early Access, we'll be polishing and implementing things even after release, of course.

Watch the trailer here:

Noita - Early Access Launch Date Trailer (Out Now!) Noita's website: Press kit:
2019-09-25 Patch #1

A patch with bugfixes and new features

Thanks to all of you for your support and the positive response! We've prepared our first patch with some bugfixes and new features; patch notes are listed below but you'll be able to see them in-game!

As for game being stuck on loading screen, we've implemented a workaround. If you wait 30 seconds on the loading screen a message will appear and restarting the game afterwards should help.

Happy wanding!

Patch #1 notes (20190925):

  • UPDATE: Credits
  • UPDATE: Pressing ESCAPE, SPACE or RETURN in release notes, closes the menu
  • UPDATE: Two surprises to find in far corners of the world
  • UPDATE: A secret use for emerald tablets...
  • BUGFIX: Loading being stuck, there is a workaround now if you wait 30 seconds on the loading screen
  • BUGFIX: Pressing ESC while in the release notes, causes the game to lock into a black screen
  • BUGFIX: Stats not saving
  • BUGFIX: Mouse cursor is not visible when starting the game
  • BUGFIX: Item slot key rebinding doesn't work
2019-09-26 Noita update #2 is now available everywhere!

Experimental replay recorder, bugfixes and new features

Hi again! An experimental replay recorder/death replay feature can now be enabled via options. There's a new spell, some new secrets and bug fixes. The gif above was made using the recorder!

Update #2 notes (20190926):

  • FEATURE: Replay recorder - create gifs of your deaths (or at any time via F11/X). Can be enabled via options.
  • FEATURE: One new spell!
  • FEATURE: A small new surprise for curious players
  • UPDATE: Enabled steam minidump crash reporting
  • BUGFIX: Audio - enemy TNT throw sound is VERY loud
  • BUGFIX: Wrong background art in mines
  • BUGFIX: A source of infinite gold
  • BUGFIX: Entering Holy Mountain a certain way disallows wand editing
2019-10-01 Noita update #3

New perks, higher quality replay gifs

Hey everyone! The latest Noita build contains five new perks, fixes replay recorder gif looping and improves gif downscaling quality. Screenshake has also been reduced to 70% of original amount.

In our next patch we'll focus on balancing various unfair game mechanics and improving the legibility of status effects.

(The replay recorder can be enabled via PAUSE -> Options -> Replay recorder)

Update #3 release notes (Oct 1 2019)

  • NOTES: "Replay recorder" can now be enabled via options menu
  • UPDATE: Replay edit - higher quality downsampling
  • UPDATE: Gameplay - reduced default screen shake to 70% of original
  • UPDATE: Several new perks for extra variety!
  • BUGFIX: Replay edit - gifs don't loop correctly
2019-10-11 Noita update #4 Hey everyone! Highlights of this update include balancing of some unfair interactions, UI improvements, less angry gods, new spells and new eggs!

Update #4 release notes (Oct 11 2019)

  • FEATURE: Added new eggs!
  • FEATURE: Added three new alchemical curiosities and two new mysteries into the game world
  • FEATURE: Added 11 new spells and a selection of curious rarity spells
  • FEATURE: Settings/UI - 'show hovered material/item name next to mouse'
  • FEATURE: UI - Stain status amount is displayed next to icon
  • FEATURE: UI - Fire status duration displayed in the status area
  • FEATURE: UI - Displays potion fullness next to icon
  • FEATURE: Added a new rare monster
  • FEATURE: The gods have less reasons to be angry
  • UPDATE: Walking through 1-2px pools of toxic sludge should not activate the status effect if not previously stained
  • UPDATE: Player starts with a water flask
  • UPDATE: Added small safety rooms to the start of Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base and The Vault
  • UPDATE: Giga Death Cross is now properly Giga
  • UPDATE: Adjusted Snowy Depths & Hiisi Base enemy distribution slightly
  • UPDATE: Adjusted projectile knockbacks
  • UPDATE: Clarified some spell descriptions
  • UPDATE: Adjusted knockback on the 'Concentrated shot' perk
  • UPDATE: Increased egg-friend HP to make them last longer and made egg-borne Limanuljaska enemies not spill toxic sludge
  • UPDATE: Full health regeneration heart in Holy Mountain now increases maximum hp by 10
  • BUGFIX: Duplicate world seed bug
  • BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy progress icons
  • BUGFIX: Fixed potential crashes in platform layer
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a glitchy secret interaction
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Thunder blast's explosion damaging through resistances
  • BUGFIX: Fixed some enemies in the Vault missing some of their tools such as shields
2019-10-23 Noita update #5 Hello,

this update enables the experimental mod support for Noita. Also there are a bunch of new spells, enemies, perks and a lot of bug fixes.

The updates includes a mod that lets you start the game with characters from different schools of magic. Also there are already a number of small and big mods available for Noita made by the community. You can find them at

Update #5 release notes (Oct 23 2019)

  • FEATURE: Added experimental mod support (Pause->Mods). To get started with making mods, see Noita/tools_modding folder
  • FEATURE: Added 12 new spells, 2 new enemies and 3 new perks
  • FEATURE: Added a secret wormy thing
  • UPDATE: Touch of X -spells are now more consistent and have more maximum uses, circle of X -spells have more uses
  • UPDATE: Holy mountain guardian now takes few seconds to spawn
  • UPDATE: Added a secret ending
  • UPDATE: Worm crystals are more effective
  • BUGFIX: 'Perk lottery' added invisible items into inventory
  • BUGFIX: Boss could be polymorphed
  • BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy/creature icons to the progress menu
  • BUGFIX: Alt tabbing when teleporting killed you
  • BUGFIX: Teleport projectile could kill you if you teleported too far
  • BUGFIX: Tiny physics bodies shouldn't do as much damage to the player
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes angering the Gods spawned two guards
  • BUGFIX: Crash - when generating potion name
  • BUGFIX: Gunpowder explosions now more accurately represent the actual explosion radius
  • MODDING: Custom audio bank support (see Noita/tools_modding/noita-fmod-project)
  • MODDING: Reports mod init errors on game start
  • MODDING: Lua - added DebugGetIsDevBuild(), GameGetRealWorldTimeSinceStarted()
  • MODDING: Lua - added OnWorldInitialized(), OnWorldPreUpdate(), OnWorldPostUpdate(), OnPlayerSpawned() hooks (accessible via init.lua)
  • MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsApplyTorqueToComponent( entity_id, component_id, float torque ), PhysicsApplyTorque( entity_id, float torque )
  • MODDING: Lua - added EntityRemoveTag( entity_id, tag ), EntityGetClosest( pos_x, pos_y ), EntityGetWithName(entity_id) (note: slow!)
  • MODDING: Lua - added GamePickUpInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id ), added GameKillInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id )
  • MODDING: Lua - basic lua sandboxing and mod privilege system (breaking change)
  • MODDING: Lua - removed GameDirector (breaking change)
  • MODDING/BUGFIX: Lua - EntityHasTag() - adds the queried tag to entity
2019-11-05 Noita update #6 Hi!

This update adds new perks and spells, along with a new ability to re-roll your perk options in the Holy Mountains in exchange for money. We've also adjusted the game balance, implemented new modding-related utilities and added new secrets...

Update #6 release notes (Nov 5 2019)

  • FEATURE: Perks can be rerolled with gold
  • FEATURE: Added 4 new perks
  • FEATURE: Added 7 new spells
  • FEATURE: Added 2 new secret areas
  • FEATURE: Added 2 new enemies
  • FEATURE: Secret area is harder to get to
  • UPDATE: Repositioned a secret item into a more sensible spot
  • UPDATE: Gave a monster the lair it deserves
  • UPDATE: Buffed "Slime blood" perk - removes slime slowdown from player
  • UPDATE: Wands with high reload times are now more interesting
  • UPDATE: Wands have a new secret ability
  • UPDATE: Gave a certain monster a new tool
  • BUGFIX: Gamepad cursor sometimes focused on screen corner
  • BUGFIX: Emerald tablets did collision damage to berserked player
  • BUGFIX: Rock spell did collision damage to berserked player
  • BUGFIX: Several spells listed a wrong type
  • BUGFIX: Enemies killed with lightning dropped double gold
  • BUGFIX: Enemies killed with bombs dropped double gold
  • BUGFIX: Performance/modding - some sprite rendering code paths were slow if any mods were enabled
  • BUGFIX: Rerolled perks rolled off screen
  • BUGFIX: Throw button rebinding didn't work
  • BUGFIX: Certain spells could deal ludicrous damage every frame
  • BUGFIX: "Boomerang spells" perk could break modifiers
  • BUGFIX: "Explosion on Slimy Enemies" and similar spells always did the effect if target had never been stained
  • BUGFIX: Teleporting sometimes moved entities inside walls
  • BUGFIX: UI - "Always casts" row layout was a bit broken
  • BUGFIX: Inventory/gamepad - dragging a flask where it couldn't be dropped made player drink it
  • BUGFIX: Endings were broken
  • BUGFIX: Sentient wands would bug out when saving and loading
  • BUGFIX: A reward chest was spawning inconsistently
  • BUGFIX: Crash - rare crashes in inventory logic
  • BUGFIX: Crash - "Personal Gravity Field" crashed the game
  • BUGFIX: Crash - when there were too many particles
  • BUGFIX: Crash - very rare crash caused by the player cape
  • MODDING: Mod list is scrollable
  • MODDING: Lua - improved error reporting when C++ code calls lua functions
  • MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetMetaCustom( component_id, variable_name )
  • MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
  • MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentAngularVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
  • MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsVecToGameVec( x, y )
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameVecToPhysicsVec( x, y )
  • MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadius( pos_x, pos_y, radius )
  • MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadiusWithTag( pos_x, pos_y, radius, entity_tag )
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameDropAllItems( entity_id )
  • MODDING: Added new tags to various objects - easier object identification via tags
  • MODDING/BUGFIX: "Random starting loadouts" mod - one of the loadouts had incorrectly configured stain maps
2019-11-20 Hotfix
  • "Summon deer decoy" has been renamed to "Summon deercoy". Very important.
2019-11-28 Noita update #7 This update adds the Nightmare mode, which should offer a proper challenge even to the best Noita players! To accommodate this new addition, the game now also has a main menu. Along with these, we've included a selection of new spells, enemies, balancing, fixes, optimizations and so on!

Update #7 release notes (Nov 28 2019)

  • FEATURE: Nightmare game mode
  • FEATURE: Main menu
  • FEATURE: New game menu
  • FEATURE: Added 6 new spells
  • FEATURE: Added 5 new enemies
  • UPDATE: Large aesthetical updates to a secret area
  • UPDATE: Summon Deer Decoy is now properly named as Summon Deercoy
  • UPDATE: Nerfed Sokaisunmestari's blinding spell
  • UPDATE: Polymorph flying has been updated
  • UPDATE: Optimization - replay recorder - up to 6x faster gif saving
  • UPDATE: Optimization - got rid of some script performance bottlenecks
  • UPDATE: Added a new starting loadout
  • UPDATE: Autosave is now on - it's a bit buggy, but it should be better than losing your progress
  • UPDATE: Lukki mutation perk now has a different control scheme
  • UPDATE: Scrollable GUI elements can be scrolled using mouse wheel
  • BUGFIX: Crash - sometimes when enemies shot eggs
  • BUGFIX: Crash - kicking crashed the game when playing old savegame (or old mods)
  • BUGFIX: Crash - fixed memory leak with material trails
  • BUGFIX: Crash - replay editor crashed if used at the very first frame of the game
  • BUGFIX: Crash - game crashed at start on some older CPUs
  • BUGFIX: Certain enemies could be damaged via unintended means
  • BUGFIX: There were duplicate items in progress menu
  • BUGFIX: Glitch wand has been fixed
  • BUGFIX: Perks - if you had both Extra Life and Saving Grace neither of them respawned you
  • BUGFIX: [redacted] affects vision like it used to do
  • BUGFIX: Sokaisunmestari's blinding spell had ridiculous knockback
  • BUGFIX: Final boss' health was reset to 100% if game was restarted during the battle
  • BUGFIX: Final boss stopped working if player polymorphed
  • BUGFIX: Final boss could take damage when inactive
  • BUGFIX: Infinite rats when combining Plaque rats and polymorph
  • BUGFIX: Aiming was wrong while polymoprhed
  • BUGFIX: Rock spell's damage wasn't based on the rock's velocity
  • BUGFIX: Physics damage was sometimes dealt multiple frames after it seemed to occur
  • BUGFIX: Melee immunity didn't protect from tentacle attacks
  • BUGFIX: Player's horizontal flight speed was randomized
  • BUGFIX: Jäähdytyslaite should no longer self-destruct in certain circumstances
  • BUGFIX: Healers etc didn't behave exactly as intended
  • MODDING: Added a new tag 'projectile_player' for all default player projectiles
  • MODDING: Lua - added dofile_once(filename). Use this if possible. Like dofile(), but runs the script only once per lua context.
  • MODDING: Lua - dofile() and loadfile() return values follow lua conventions (breaking change)
  • MODDING: Lua - dofile() caches the compiled code, so successive calls using the same file are (a lot) faster
2019-12-19 Noita update #8 (Snowy Update) Hello everyone and snowy holidays!

This update adds a whole slew of new features, including 5 entirely new magical liquids, a New Game+ mode, new spells, new creatures and more! Over the upcoming days you will notice additional festive spirit within the game...

Update #8 release notes (Dec 19 2019)

  • FEATURE: 15 new spells!
  • FEATURE: New, very elusive creature roams a certain area...
  • FEATURE: New creature. Very bomb.
  • FEATURE: 5 new weather phenomena
  • FEATURE: 5 new magical materials
  • FEATURE: New Game+
  • UPDATE: No restart when entering nightmare game via main menu
  • UPDATE: Downwards bolt bundle has unlimited uses
  • UPDATE: Changed item attraction perk to gold attraction to make it more useful
  • UPDATE: A hidden creature has an extra tool
  • UPDATE: Tweaked a boss' sounds
  • UPDATE: Foggy nights are darker
  • UPDATE: Cosmetic tweaks to fire immunity perk
  • UPDATE: Optimization - tentacles are more CPU-friendly
  • UPDATE: Various gameplay tweaks
  • UPDATE: Gold nuggets come in various different sizes
  • UPDATE: Summon hollow egg has unlimited uses
  • BUGFIX: Nightmare mode - some of the entrances were blocked
  • BUGFIX: Nightmare mode - empty chunks were appearing in places
  • BUGFIX: Thunderstone could be placed into spell inventory
  • BUGFIX: Fungal caverns had no potion spawns
  • BUGFIX: Healers etc were friendly with player
  • BUGFIX: Revenge explosion and tentacle did nothing
  • BUGFIX: Fixed TNT explosions
  • BUGFIX: Several randomized effects were broken
  • BUGFIX: Loading screen audio didn't fade smoothly
  • BUGFIX: Autosave should work better now
  • BUGFIX: Crash - Boss crashes, general stability fixes (thanks to Captain_Duck for helping investigate this!)
  • BUGFIX: Crash - relating to the Light modifier (thanks to Efi)
  • MODDING: Mods can define new game modes (see mods/nightmare for an example)
  • MODDING: Lua/BUGFIX - dofile handling when file doesn't exist was a bit broken and didn't log errors
  • MODDING: Lua/BUGFIX - fixed a lua sandbox escape exploit
  • MODDING: Lua - added ProceduralRandomf()
  • MODDING: Lua - added Randomf()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GetComponentTypeName()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameGetDateAndTimeLocal()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameGetDateAndTimeUTC()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameEmitRainParticles()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GetRandomAction()
  • MODDING: Lua - added script_kick to LuaComponent
  • MODDING: Tags - now there are 256 tag slots available for Entities
2020-01-24 Noita update #9 Hello,

It's a new year, a new decade and a new update. We had a nice holiday break and we've been getting back to adding new things to Noita. This update includes 7 new spells, 2 new perks, updates to visuals, Magical Temple layout update, new puzzle rooms and bug fixes.

Update #9 release notes (Jan 24 2020)

  • FEATURE: 7 new spells
  • UPDATE: Overhauled Magical Temple layout and visuals
  • UPDATE: Overhauled Temple of the Art layout and visuals
  • UPDATE: Added new puzzle rooms to Temple of the Art and Snowy Depths
  • UPDATE: Enhanced trap box visuals and functionality
  • UPDATE: Added Enemy and wand radar perks
  • UPDATE: Alcohol emits flammable and intoxicating fumes
  • UPDATE: Mod menu improvements
  • UPDATE: Steam - Opening Steam overlay pauses the game
  • UPDATE: Saving the game after long sessions is now faster
  • BUGFIX: Teleport spell created shell casings
  • BUGFIX: Charmed enemies from eggs will now stay charmed
  • MODDING: Organized files in "data/biome_impl/" into subfolders (breaking change)
  • MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetRootEntity()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameCreateSpriteForXFrames()
  • MODDING: Added modding agreement
2020-02-24 Steam Workshop Update Noita now has Steam Workshop support! This makes installing and sharing mods much more easy.

We've also added a new Secret Reward, overhauled the Vault layout and visuals, improved support for fan translations and fixed a bunch of annoying bugs.

Steam Workshop Update - release notes (Feb 24 2020)

  • FEATURE: Steam Workshop support
  • FEATURE: Added a Secret reward
  • UPDATE: Overhauled The Vault layout and visuals
  • UPDATE: Surface backgrounds blend better to the world
  • UPDATE: Progress menu is scrollable
  • BUGFIX: Fixed misbehaving background sprites
  • BUGFIX: Enemies that hatched from eggs sometimes lost their charm
  • BUGFIX: Quitting the game while being polymorphed caused an instadeath
  • BUGFIX: Save game and autosave didn't work correctly in New Game+
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a texture memory leak
  • BUGFIX: Holy Mountain teleportation was more dangerous on slow computers
  • BUGFIX: The player could be charmed forever (even if the stains were washed off)
  • MODDING: Added support for translation mods (see mods/translation_fi/ for an example)
  • MODDING: Lua - added OnPlayerDied hook (accessible via init.lua)
  • MODDING: Lua - added LoadBackgroundSprite()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameDropPlayerInventoryItems()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameDestroyInventoryItems()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameTriggerGameOver()
  • MODDING: Lua - added ModIsEnabled()
  • MODDING: Added magic_number DEBUG_LUA_REPORT_BIOME_SPAWN_ERRORS which can be used to limit error spam
2020-03-03 Hotfix Fixed few bugs (and hopefully didn't introduce new ones).
  • BUGFIX: Big worm's health bars were ragdolled
  • BUGFIX: Some main character's attributes were different between daily run and other modes
  • BUGFIX: Background layer had pieces that would not load correctly
  • BUGFIX: Wand Radar perk now ignores the wands that the player holds
  • MODDING: Game warns if a workshop mod might require a newer version of the game
  • MODDING: Lua - added ModGetAPIVersion()
  • MODDING: XML entity serialization - Base now has include_children attribute
  • MODDING/BUGFIX: Custom FMOD banks didn't work when mod was used via Steam Workshop
2020-03-20 Hotfix While working on a few bigger features, we've also had time to introduce fix some bugs. This update also adds a few useful functions to the modding API (available immediately in default and beta branches).

HOTFIXES - Mar 20 2020

  • BUGFIX: Scrolling UIs broke if playing fullscreen on a monitor with aspect ratio wider than 16:9
  • BUGFIX: Some haunting files were saved if mods were enabled
  • BUGFIX: Fixed some issues with loading haunting files saved when mods were enabled
  • BUGFIX: Autosave was broken in nightmare game mode
  • BUGFIX: Crash - projectile timer trigger crashed when used with bombs, which some mods allowed
  • BUGFIX: Tentacle shot from trigger projectile didn't start from correct coordinates
  • BUGFIX: Tentacles shot near 0,0 always shot towards 0,0
  • BUGFIX: Enemy laser sights were sometimes left visible longer than they should
  • BUGFIX: Enemy tentacles, turrets, jetpack particles etc weren't affect by invisibility status
  • BUGFIX: Invisible enemies didn't become visible when doing dash/melee attacks
  • BUGFIX: Backbuffer size wasn't updated if changing resolution before entering game
  • BUGFIX: Autosave restore didn't work correctly when workshop mods were enabled
  • BUGFIX: Enemy radar did not detect bosses or Lukkis
  • BUGFIX: Alchemist kept on throwing the same potion if it stood still
  • BUGFIX: Improved stability of ceiling chain torches
  • MODDING: Breaking - moved collapse masks under "data/procedural_gfx"
  • MODDING: Lua - added RaytraceSurfaces()
  • MODDING: Lua - added RaytraceSurfacesAndLiquiform()
  • MODDING: Lua - added RaytracePlatforms()