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Attack Type
Projectile (gun)
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
Fungal Caverns

The Robo-Cop (in-game name Robottikyttä)

They first appear in the Fungal Caverns to the left of the Coal Pits, then again to the left of Underground Jungle/The Vault.

These enemies have a lot of health and appear to be fairly resistant to most attacks. Their gun attack doesn't have very long range however and they are slow, so they are easy to avoid.

If the player gets too close however, their shots that hit will drag the player down to the ground, allowing followup shots, killing pretty fast under 50 health.

Explosives and electricity seem effective against Robo-Cop. If one is stuck in a body of water, consider using an electric wand or Thunder Stone.