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"Hiisi Gunner"
Health 25
50 (Underground Jungle) ♥
Attack Type Rifle
Bleeds Blood
Spawn Location Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base, Underground Jungle, The Vault, Sandcave, Desert Chasm

  • 10 Gold
    20 Gold (Underground Jungle)

The Hiisi Gunner (in-game name Rynkkyhiisi) is a flying enemy commonly encountered in a variety of biomes. The player will usually first see them in the Snowy Depths.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Hiisi Gunners hover slowly with their jetpacks and fire alarmingly accurate bullets at the player. Their shots arc slightly as they fly, but still have enough range to hit the player from off-screen. The gunners are often seen in small groups accompanying Grenadier Hiisi, or accompanying a Hiisi Leader. If shot while hovering they will sometimes be knocked out of the air.

Their attacks deal 4 damage and temporarily disable levitation.