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Slimeball Spell slimeball.png
A dripping ball of poisonous slime
Type Projectile
Damage 6
Mana drain 20
Explosion damage 30
Explosion radius 9
Spread +2 DEG
Speed 102
Cast delay +0.17 s

A early-mid game spell that fires a slow slimy projectile in a straight line from the caster. When present in a wand it will slowly emit Flammable Gas that floats upward. The slimeball is similar to the projectiles shot by the Limanuljaska, however they do not emit the trail of Toxic Sludge that the Limanuljaska projectiles do, its particle trail is purely decorative.

It will do minor explosive damage on hit that can destroy some soft materials, like wood, as well as soft powders like Coal.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the slow speed of the projectile and moderate mana drain, this spell is best used as part of a combo with a fast travelling trigger spell such as Spark Bolt to reduce the chances of wasting your shots.
  • It does a surprising amount of damage for such an unassuming spell.

Gallery[edit | edit source]