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The Master of Blinding (in-game name Sokaisunmestari) is an enemy that appears to be a wizard. It flings purple projectiles (possibly Giant Magic Missiles) that blind the player if they connect. The blindness lasts for 20 seconds and at first completely blacks the screen, but as it progresses periods of sight come back. Avoid getting hit by this enemy at all costs. The blindness will let enemies attack the player, and it is nigh impossible to dodge or fight. And in the meantime, the Master of Blinding will continue to attack the player. The blindness can also cause the player to kill themselves in an explosion. It has a very high jump height.

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Attack Type
Blinding projectiles
Blood Fluid
Blood or Magical Fluid (guess, it is unknown)
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
Underground Jungle, The Vault

This enemy ignores the Mätänevä ruumis. It is unknown as to how it reacts to other enemies.