Summon Giga Disc Projectile

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Summons a sharp disc projectile
Type Projectile
Mana drain 20
Slice damage 63
Spread +1 DEG
Speed 250
Cast delay +0.33 s

The Giga Disc Projectile summons a large spinning sawblade. Upon hitting an enemy, it will do its damage and become harmless. If it reaches its maximum flight distance it will drop to the floor. If it hits a solid object before its flight time is over, it will bounce in a random direction and then home in back towards you. The homing effect is quite strong.

Like the Chainsaw and normal Disc Projectile, it will cause creatures hit with it to bleed more.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • This spell has excellent mana drain-to-damage ratio and thus is a very efficient spell to use. If you survive.
  • Not even the Projectile Repulsion perk is quite enough to stop the self-homing effect of this spell. It'll help, but optimally you'll need two copies of the perk for it to be effective here. Homing is effective in making it more usable, as long as one is absolutely sure an enemy is nearby before shooting it. Having both Projectile Repulsion and Homing, however, allows the disc to both be pushed away from you and towards enemies, making it very safe to use.
  • You can also use a trigger spell, like Spark Bolt, and couple the Disc with Heavy Shot to limit its range. Be advised that it'll still fly towards you an unlimited distance, even if it's slower.
  • Path-forcing modifiers such as Horizontal Path or Fly Upwards/Fly Downwards will severely hamper the disc's ability to strike you in all vectors except one. Using both at the same time will cause it to freeze in mid-air after a short distance. You'll need a Trigger to deliver it to the enemy, but this is probably the safest method to use this spell.

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