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Large Bat
Attack Type
Summon Lepakko
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
3 Gold (estimate)
Spawn Location(s)
Coal Pits

The Large Bat (in-game name Suurlepakko) is a flying enemy. It is unique in that it is one of only two enemies (the other being the Monolith) that attacks by summoning other enemies. While the Toimari also summons enemies, it only does so as a reaction to damage, not actively. The Suurlepakko summons bats and when it summons them, flinging them towards the player, thus making them fill the role of projectile attack. The resulting Lepakko behaves exactly like a normal bat once it hits or misses the player. The Suurlepakko does not seem to have any visible melee attack or inclination to perform one.

Notes[edit | edit source]

When this enemy summons bats, they are travelling at a speed faster than normal flight (in fact they are quite fast for projectiles) but slightly slower than the bat's dash attack.