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Magic Wand
Attack Type
Wand (random spells)
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Wand, 10 gold
Spawn Location(s)
Magical Temple

The magic wand (in-game name taikasauva)

Appears in the Magical Temple, to the west of the Snowy Depths.

Is only visible as a wand floating without any entity holding it, seemingly possessed or animated by a spirit.

As with all wands, its attacks are derived from the spells it contains, which can only be determined through observation. It may be harmless and fire Teleport Spell, or may cast Earthquake, dropping the walls on the player. Multiple spells/cast can be detected through the number of prongs on the wand, and the capacity is associated with the size of the wand. Some spells may also cause particle effects at the end of the wand, such as Eldritch Portal or Tentacle producing a swirling purple effect. Other than this, little can be determined from immediate observation alone.

It is best to keep a safe distance until the spells it casts are known. It can be damaged and killed like a normal enemy, dropping the wand itself on death along with a small amount of gold.