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Monster Skygazer.png
"Sky Gazer"
Health 250 ♥
1500 (The Work (Sky)) ♥
Attack Type Projectile
Bleeds Chaotic Polymorphine
Spawn Location The Work (Sky)
Damage Multipliers
Melee 1.2
Projectile 0.4
Fire 0.0
Ice 1.2
Electricity 0.8
Explosion 0.8

The Sky Gazer (in-game name Taivaankatse), is a turquoise enemy with pink eyes, very similar in appearance to the Hell Gazer. Found exclusively in The Work (Sky).

Behavior[edit | edit source]

It will aimlessly, slowly float around, until it spots the player. Then it will shoot pinkish bubble projectiles that upon expiring will spill some Chaotic Polymorphine. This enemy is quite dangerous, but often will be polymorphed upon taking damage.