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"Miner Hiisi"
Health 25 (Collapsed Mines, Coal Pits) ♥
Attack Type Dynamite Projectile (18)
Melee (14)
Bleeds Blood
Spawn Location Collapsed Mines, Coal Pits

The Miner Hiisi (in-game name Tappurahiisi) is a Hiisi that throws dynamite sticks that can destroy terrain, start fires, activate other explosives, and deal moderate damage to the player if they explode close enough.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Tappurahiisi follows the same AI as the rest of the Hiisi and will attack other enemies if provoked. This Hiisi variant is particularly troublesome as it may end up destroying or burning resources that the player would like to reach first, such as breaking flasks or blowing up treasure chests.

Their dynamite only explodes after a set amount of time; it does not explode on contact with the player or terrain and does not collide with the player or other entities. Players may find that moving towards the Tappurahiisi is the best option to dodge one of their attacks as the dynamite will overshoot them. Take care not to get too close as their melee attack also deals a decent amount of damage.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]