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Attack Type
Dynamite Projectile (18)

Melee (14)

Blood Fluid
Spawn Location(s)
Mines, Collapsed Mines
Weaker version spawns in Mines

The Dynamite Hiisi (actual name Tappurahiisi) is a humanoid Hiisi that throws dynamite sticks that will destroy terrain, start fires, activate other explosives, and deal moderate damage to the player if they explode close enough.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Hiisi will typically attack all other enemies, but will not attack other Hiisi. Their explosives will cause a lot of collateral damage as they fight random monsters in the Mines even before the player starts to descend. Due to this infighting, one can often experience the rumbling of their explosives long before meeting them.

TNT does not explode immediately upon contact with a creature. Players can use this fact to their advantage by acknowledging that moving closer to a TNT-throwing enemy is much safer than moving away from them - the TNT will fly past and explode way behind their back.

As with any Bomb-type attack, the TNT they throw can actually be affected by projectiles, as well as kicked around by the player. With skillful manipulation of their TNT tossing angles, one can use these enemies as an endless source of terrain-destroying explosions, an 'accidental kill' factory, or simply get the enemy to damage itself for an easy gold bonus.