Teleport Spell

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TELEPORT SPELL Spell teleport projectile.png
Teleport to the location the spell ends up in
Type Projectile
Mana drain 40
Spread -1 DEG
Speed 800
Cast delay +0.05 s

A Spell that shoots a white projectile. It will fly in a straight line for a medium distance before disappearing and teleporting you to that location.

The projectile itself does no damage.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Using this spell can greatly improve your travel time in the overworld when exploring
  • You can boost the distance teleported with the Speed Up modifier
  • If used with a Luminous Drill with timer you can even teleport through walls, as the drill cuts through the wall before casting the Teleport Spell on the other side. (unverified)

Gallery[edit | edit source]