Temple of the Art

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Exiting via portals from The Vault you will soon find yourself in the Temple of the Art, the final main dungeon biome before the fight with the boss in The Laboratory.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Statues depicting various Masters.

The Temple consists of both small and wide labyrinthian corridors, snaking back and forth throughout the biome with many splits. Oftentimes you will find piles of sand and/or wooden beams blocking your path, but by this point in the game such obstacles should be of no consequence. Dead ends are not uncommon, but usually there is not much need of backtracking for very long. Most often its a question of choosing a different corridor which will lead you just a little further onwards.

The entire biome is constructed out of two different kinds of brickwork, with some pockets of rock and diamond deposits mixed it. The outer layer of brickwork is the same kind used in the Holy Mountain and cannot be dug through without powerful spells like Black Hole and Luminous Drill. Liberal use of Acid also works, but only downwards.

The inner layer of brickwork looks a bit different in color and texture and can be dug through using anything capable of carving up dense rock (which is most digging spells and explosives).

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • There aren't really any special places here to look out for, but the temple does contain quite a few Max health upgrade pickups strewn about the biome.
  • Frequently, passages and rooms have traps on the walls that shoot arrows when triggered. These can be destroyed by most projectiles without much fuss.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

The Hiisi have completely abandoned this part of the dungeon, leaving only dangerous monsters behind:

You may also find some slightly rarer types:

Particular care should be taken when facing the Shapechanger and Master of Polymorphing, as their attacks can result in your death with only 1 single hit, regardless of HP.

Finally, the Temple will always have 1 single spawn of:

Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

The temple has 3 different connections, 2 direct and one blocked.

  • Leaving via the red portals at the bottom will land you at The Laboratory and the fight with the final boss.
  • Far to the west of the temple there is a section leading to a secret ??? room with a portal leading to The Tower, a very tough climb back to the surface.
  • At the bottom-right corner where the brickwork ends the rock is diggable, leading to a lava room right above the boss in The Laboratory, providing a means to return to the Temple after the boss is defeated.