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Going to the far left and up from the Temple of the Art, you'll reach a portal encased in lava leading to The Tower, a secret area enabling the player to more easily access the surface after defeating the boss.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The path through The Tower is like descending the main path, but instead of going down, you're climbing back to the surface. You start at a small version of the Mines, leading up to the Coal Pits, then the Snowy Depths, onto the Hiisi Base, connecting to the Fungal Caverns, followed by the Underground Jungle, into The Vault, up to the Temple of the Art, then to a small instance of The Work (Hell), and finally to a portal room. All these biome layers are significantly shorter than in the main path going down.

Unlike the normal areas you go through when descending, The Tower does not have any other connecting areas aside from the main layers (with the exception of the Fungal Caverns). It's all one single path to the finish.

Scaling the far left or right side of the tower is extremely dangerous - the outer walls are made of cursed rock, which is very hard to mine and damages the player on contact.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Each of the layers can spawn all the enemies available previously, including the angry god summon Stevari, as well as some new enemies not seen anywhere else. The enemies drop more gold and have raised damage and health, and some of them can be encountered anywhere in the tower regardless of the biome they originally belonged to.

The Top[edit | edit source]

In the room at the top of the tower there will be a box with three wands. These wands are of the highest tier in-game and are always the same:

  1. A wand with a capacity of 25 and Spells/Cast stat of 8.
  2. A wand with always cast Nuke.
  3. A wand with a capacity of 8 and Spells/Cast of 2, but also a cast delay of -0.33.

Once you pick up one of the three wands, the other two vanish.

Beyond the Portal[edit | edit source]

Once you enter the portal at the top, you will be teleported to the peak of the mountain above the entrance to the mines.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The physical location of The Tower itself is actually underneath the Sandcave and the Pyramid, as can be seen on the biome maps. It's encased in a rectangular wall of Extremely Dense Rock. Theoretically, if one has something strong enough to dig past the Extremely Dense Rock and through a hazardous layer of Cursed Rock, they can reach the Tower early.