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TORCH Spell torch.png
Lights your wand right up!
Type Passive
Mana drain 0

The Torch is a passive spell. It activates immediately upon being placed in a wand and stays active until that wand is de-selected. It does not interact with your other spells and modifiers in the wand at all.

A flame appears at the tip of the wand, lighting up your surroundings and allowing you to see further. Additionally, you will be able to see through some of the darkness to the west of the Collapsed Mines in the first biome and the Magical Temple to the west of the Snow biome. It is one of only 4 effects in the game that can do this.

It costs no mana to maintain and will light combustible materials on fire when touched.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • As it's basically a free spell, you won't lose anything by using it. That is, other than the fact you may accidentally light something on fire you didnt intend to (like Oil or Whiskey).
  • There's a health restore and health up in the darkness at the Collapsed Mines and there's a reward at the west of the Magic Temple as well.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Showcasing effects of the spell.