Toxic Mist

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TOXIC MIST Spell mist radioactive.png
A cloud of toxic mist
Type Projectile
Mana drain 40
Cast delay +0.17 s

This spell conjures a small cloud of mist at the casting location which gradually applies the toxic sludge stain to creatures inside it. The mist has no innate speed and remains at the cast point until it expires unless moved or modified. Affected creatures take 2% max HP damage every second, but cannot be killed by the damage.

Like other Mist spells, it does not create any liquid.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Since Mist spells create static projectiles, it is generally more useful to cast them using a trigger or timer spell such as Spark Bolt With Trigger.
  • While toxic sludge already does damage over time, you can modify this spell to deal much more damage with the Damage Plus (or similar) and Homing projectile modifiers, creating a deadly cloud that rapidly tracks enemies and deals huge damage over time.
  • This spell combines well with Charm On Toxic Sludge, though it won't apply immediately if placed on the Toxic Mist spell itself, only taking effect after a toxic sludge–stained enemy touches the centre of the Mist. The Homing projectile modifier helps greatly with this.

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