Toxic Mist

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TOXIC MIST Spell mist radioactive.png
A cloud of toxic mist
Type Projectile
Mana drain 40
Explosion damage 500
Cast delay +0.17 s

A Spell that conjures a cloud of mist at the casting location. The mist is static in this position until it expires, unless modified.

Mist spells currently comes in 4 varieties, this one having the properties of Toxic Sludge which causes creatures immersed in it to take 2% max HP damage every second, but will not actually kill you.

It does not create any actual liquid.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Since mists are static projectiles, it is generally more useful to cast it at a distance using a trigger or timer spell such as Spark Bolt.
  • While Toxic Sludge already does damage over time, you can modify this mist to cause much more of it with a +damage modifier like Damage Plus and home in on enemies with Homing, creating a deadly locust that seeks out enemies.
  • You can cause some interesting situations by combining this effect with the Charm On Toxic Sludge modifier on any future projectiles shot.

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