Toxic Sludge

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Toxic Sludge
Effect Radioactive.png
Type Liquid
Biomes Various
Emits from Various enemies, toxic barrels
Evaporates into Toxic Gas
Freezes into Toxic Ice
Stain effect Resist combustion, damage
Drink effect Poison
Density 0.8 (Floats)

Toxic sludge is a liquid Material that can be found through out the game. Touching a sufficient amount of it will stain the player (or any other creature), which deals 2% of max HP in damage per second, unless current HP is at or below that amount. Because it stops at =<2% HP, the player will never actually be killed directly from stain damage.

It can be most easily washed off through the use of Water, but other liquids can also be used to overwrite it.


Drinking toxic sludge will cause the "poisoned" effect, gradually lowering your HP.


  • Toxic sludge is encountered throughout the game, but most frequently in pools and vats in the Mines, Hiisi Base and The Vault.
  • Some enemies will bleed toxic sludge when damaged, for example the Sludge Sprayer and its ilk.
  • It will be expelled from leaking or exploding green barrels.
  • Temporarily created by the Toxic Mist spell.


  • Upon contact with water it turns into more water, so when found in pools the player can use a a Water Flask to convert the sludge which can then be used to refill the flask.
  • When touching mud, it will turn into Swamp.
  • If it comes into contact with Lava it will produce toxic gas and form toxic rock, both of which can damage the player unless they have the Toxic Immunity Perk.
  • Upon contact with Polymorphine, it will produce Chaotic Polymorphine.