Twisty Passages

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The Twisty Passages can be accessed by digging below Snowy Wastelands or traversing the Dark Cave.

The area contains some of the enemies from area 1 and has puddles of Berserkium, Teleportatium, Pheromone, and Chaotic Polymorphine. It otherwise contains no items. Lamps here are a different, larger version that can block player movement, unlike the smaller versions found in the mines and elsewhere.

Twisty Cave on the left. Dark Cave on the right.

Unlike the mines and abandoned mines, the twisty passages does not have brickwork and portals running along the bottom. Instead, there is dense and extremely dense rock. Because of this, you will usually just have to go back through the dark cave to progress downward the standard way.

Structured to feel like a maze of sorts. The puddles of teleportium can will either make you more lost or discover other sections of the passages.

Tread carefully, as Chaotic Polymorphine can cause enemies to suddenly turn into much more dangerous creatures like the Jättimato, or the player into a weaker creature.