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The Thunder Mage (in-game name Ukko).

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Attack Type
Explosion projectile (lightning charge)
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
Snowy Depths,Vault and Cloudscape

A lethal enemy typically encountered in either the Snowy Depths or the Vault, but may appear in other biomes as well.

Uses the Thunder Charge spell as it's only attack. Its projectile is slow-moving, but deals a tremendous amount of explosive damage, electrical damage (over 200 hp from a direct hit) and knockback. Additionally being electrocuted stun locks the player, allowing them to take another shot.

Due to the power of aforementioned attack, it is best to stay back and pick at it from a distance, as it will not fire from a long range. It is surprisingly tanky however, so unless very damaging spells are used it is best to just avoid this enemy. At close range, cover is not very helpful: Thunder Charge electrocution effect can happen through walls and the Mage can jump around really fast if it needs to.

If the Thunder Mage enters a body of liquid it will electrify it, which is harmless to it but deadly to all other entities, identical to the Electricity Perk.

It's blood is diamond dust, which may be used in alchemy. Further updates may make this fact more relevant.