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Thunder Mage
Attack Type
Explosion projectile (lightning charge)
Blood Fluid
Drops On Death
Spawn Location(s)
Snowy Depths, The Vault and Cloudscape

The Thunder Mage (in-game name Ukko) is a lethal enemy typically encountered in either the Snowy Depths or the The Vault, but may appear in other biomes as well.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Uses the Thunder Charge spell as its only attack, which it telegraphs by briefly charging up the spell. Can fly around slowly or leap between surfaces, and can attack the player from off-screen. Has a high amount of health.

If the Ukko enters a body of liquid it will electrify it, much like the Electricity Perk. Likewise it is immune to its own electricity. It has a telltale electric crackling sound when nearby, allowing the player to determine if it's close.

If the player is holding the Thunder Stone the Ukko will become peaceful.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Thunder Charge is deceptively fast and powerful.
    • Keep your distance and stay in open spaces. Avoid backing yourself against a wall, as the explosion can still damage and stun you.
  • Fires rapidly enough to shoot you again before or right as the stun effect from the last shot wears off, potentially sealing your doom.
    • Play like you have only 1 HP left, and run away if you need to; the Ukko is not an aggressive or fast pursuer.
  • The Ukko is naturally immune to electricity, but has no explosive immunity. It may very well kill itself with the explosive damage component of Thunder Charge.
    • Players can take advantage of this by kiting the Ukko through a narrow gap and hoping it hits a stray piece of terrain.

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