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The Thunder Creep (ingame name Ukkoshyypiö) is a ghostly enemy, mainly found floating around The Tower. It possesses no attacks of its own, but is constantly surrounded by an always-active Projectile Thunder Field. Like the Hyypiö and Hohtava hyypiö, it will chase the player relentlessly until killed or blocked by terrain.

Behaviour & Combat[edit | edit source]

As the creature is non-aggressive without any offensive ability, it will never attack the player. The real danger comes from its innate Thunder Field that constantly surrounds it. Upon attacked with a projectile from afar, it will be reflected back as a Lightning Bolt. If shot from within the circle, the lightning will strike out from it instead, away from the player. This presents both a problem and an opportunity, as you can exploit this to your advantage with a fast firing wand to saturate an area with lightning bolts, absolutely destroying any other enemy that comes near you. However, on the flip side it also means that you are no longer in control of what spells to shoot and at which range as everything turns into lightning. If you're not lightning immune, that can definitely complicate things.

There are only a few known ways to damage and kill an Ukkoshyypiö.

  • The most reliable and effective way is to attack it with unmodified Chainsaw spells at melee range, as these will (for some reason) not be turned into lightning.
  • You can also kick it, but with your foots low damage output you'd be at it for quite a while.
  • You can suffocate it by drowning it in a powdery substance or terrain.
  • Explosive spells will also work, as long as the projectile is detonated outside of the influence of the thunder field and the explosion is large enough to reach.
  • Dropping/kicking in-game entities like rocks, tablets or barrels at it (as these are not spells).
  • If all else fails, you can fire straight down into the ground when standing near him, making his lightning bolts hit the ground and strike you both (he is not immune to his own lightning).

If you lack the means to kill it, however, your only other recourse is to flee.