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This content of this article is wholly or in part describing content from the Experimental beta branch, and is currently not part of the public release version.

Monster lurker.png
"Shadow Bubble"
Health 168.75 ♥
Attack Type Launches itself as a projectile at the player to deal projectile and curse damage.
Attack Damage 15 (12.5 projectile, 2.5 curse), piercing.
Bleeds Ominous Liquid
Spawn Location Lukki Lair
Damage Multipliers
Melee 0x
Drill 0.5x
Slice 0x
Radioactive 0x

Deals 25 damage per second on contact as Curse damage.


  • 60 Gold nugget.png

The Shadow Bubble (in-game name Varjokupla) is a strange magical enemy in Noita. It is only seen in the Lukki Lair or via the use of Chaotic Polymorphine.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

The Shadow Bubble shoots projectiles that look very similar to itself which act both as an attack and its main method of moving around, appearing to launch itself at foes. It does not appear to be vulnerable to damage while moving in this fashion, and its moving / attack projectile has an effect similar to Phasing Arc where it appears to teleport short hops along its path rather than moving more conventionally.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Dispatch it quickly, from a distance, taking care to avoid its attacks and firing only as it is finishing a movement / attack action to ensure attacks make contact.
  • Avoid attacking it at close range when possible, as the Ominous Liquid it bleeds stains the player with a fairly strong Poison effect.
  • While Ominous Liquid can spawn naturally in the Lukki Lair in small to large pools, it can also often be a sign that Shadow Bubbles are around.
  • The darkness in their home biome can make them a very tough enemy to spot before they engage. Teleportation spells are highly recommended for quickly moving to medium or long range to make dodging its attacks easier. Falling down a screen or two can also be an effective way of gaining a lead for kiting, but as always be very cautious of any potential enemies below.
  • If forced into close range without means of escape, focus purely on attacking and dodging. In close quarters it's very likely to receive a poison stain from their blood, but in most cases this is a lesser immediate concern than surviving the direct attacks.
  • Keep a Water Potion (or other harmless liquid, like Slime or Invisiblium) handy to rinse off any poison stains accumulated from their blood at the first opportunity.