Worm Crystal

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Image of the room the Worm Crystal sits in.

The Worm crystal is a blue crystal located in a small room under each Holy mountain shop. It floats on top of an metal pedestal. It is not affected by gravity and while living creatures can pass through it, physical bodies and projectiles can be blocked by it.

The Worm Crystal protects the Holy Mountain from worms by reppeling them. However it can be broken, prompting the message "The Worm Crystal has shattered! You feel less safe..." . This lets Worms burrow into the brickwork and anger the gods.

The room containing the Crystal can be accessed by breaking the weak brickwork to the left. This can be done with any starting explosive spell such as Bombs, Magic Missles or even basic Firebolts

Worm Crystals can also be found in the Frozen Vault.

Secret Usage[edit | edit source]

The worm crystal has a secret usage. If placed on the altar above the mountain a special event will occur. The easiest way to get it to the altar is to use the telekinetic kick perk. However if you're unlucky and don't find it, you can still use the methods below.

  • As the crystal can fly away without a, making walls around the altar is helpful. The easiest way of creating them is combining a freezing spell with water. Another option is to use chunk of soil to create a solid structure around the altar, then dig a tunnel through it for the crystal.
  • Non-offensive spells like the circle of buoyancy are extremely useful for transporting the crystal.
  • You can use Kuu's gravitational field to quickly transport the crystal.

The Worm Rain[edit | edit source]

Upon placing the crystal on the altar, the screen will shake, and a message will appear: "That is not what you seek!". Shortly after multiple small, medium and big worms will start falling from the sky. Each one of the big worms spawned via the Worm Rain will drop a health pickup. This process can be repeated as long as there are worm crystals left.

The event can also be activated in the West and East worlds.